Five Proven Ways To Balance Work and Spiritual Life

Five Proven Ways To Balance Work and Spiritual Life

All Christians want to maintain intimate relationship with God and remain efficient in their workplace and career.

Unfortunately, balancing work and spiritual life is so hard that most people don’t know how to achieve it.

All their efforts to “remain on fire for God” and be active in their work haven’t produced the desire results. 

They always end up ignoring study time, prayers and other spiritual activities after a few weeks of ‘trying’

The questions are: why is it hard to balance work and spiritual life, and how to balance work, personal life, and spirituality?

This article answers all the questions above.

It also discusses five proven ways to balance spiritual life and work life.

Meanwhile, let’s begin the journey by discussing why you should balance work and spirituality.

Why You Must Balance Work and Spiritual Life

You must balance work and spirituality to enjoy peace, joy, and wealth.

Let me explain further.

According to Pastor Ben Musa of Christ House Church, the spiritual controls the physical.

Being spiritual is a requirement to be in charge of your life and destiny.

Peace comes from the Lord through Christ Jesus (John 14:27)

There is this peace you enjoy when you host his presence.

You need a cordial relation with God to enjoy such peace.

What about riches and wealth?

They also come from the Lord (read proverb 10: 22)

However, you can’t be rich or wealthy without providing any value or services in exchange for money.

This is where you need to be active in your workplace or your chosen career

Spirituality won’t make you rich without corresponding work and efforts.

As much as you need God and prayers to be successful, you must be willing to put in the required work and commitment.

The lord will only bless the work of your hand, not your idleness or laziness.

“Life will joke with your destiny if you don’t take your work and career seriously. You will remain poor and wretched if all you do is pray without work”

Have you ever wondered why Apostle Paul charged believers to show their faith through their works?

Well, that’s because he knows the relationship between the two subject matters.

He knew we can’t live a balanced life without work and faith.

Now that we’ve established the importance of balancing work and spiritual life, let’s turn our attention to how to get it done.

How to Balance Work and Spirituality

Have a quiet time with God in the morning

Praying to God is the first thing to do as a Christian hoping to balance work and spirituality.

Thank God for the breath of life.

Celebrate him for a brand new day and commit your ways to his hands.

Then, have an intimate time with the lord. Meditate on his word, communicate with him and hear from him.

Ask for the enablement to do his wish and desire, while you go about your daily hustle.

Focus on work during the Day

The day is meant for work, focus and and do it well.

Don’t pray when you ought to work, and don’t work when you should be praying.

Give your best to your job and career during the day.

Do it diligently and produce results that will glorify God’s name.

Besides, you can engage in a silent prayers while working if you feel the urge to pray.


Diligence is different from over-labor. The fact you desire laudable and impressive results doesn’t mean you should not rest when necessary.

Take a break when tired and rest. Rest after work before doing any home chores.

Rest plays a crucial role in your quest for work-life balance. It boosts your mental health and overall well-being.

It helps you regain lost energy and strength, thereby giving you the required energy to pray at night.

Pray At Night

Praying at night is a good way to experience massive spiritual growth.

Though midnight is preferable, you can pray any time of the night.

It could be 9 before bed or 7 after their dinner, depending on your schedule and preference.

I love the midnight prayers when everywhere is calm.

Whichever time you choose, all that matters is that you pray to God and meditate on this word at night.

Attend Church Services

Many Christians see no reason to attend Church services because they believe it’s a mere religious practice.

Similarly, some don’t see the need to ‘waste’ transport fare when they can easily connect online via Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

As much as there is nothing wrong with connecting online, being in church physically can’t be oversized.

There is this joy and happiness in the house of God.

Seeing the brethren and worshipping the Lord in unity gladdens the heart.

Apart from being a spirit-filled atmosphere, attending church service offers you the opportunity to connect with trustworthy people (after worship).

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