Pass Your Next Important Exams With These Five Effective Tips

Pass Your Next Important Exams With These Five Effective Tips

Are you looking for effective tips to pass an important exam? You are in the right place because this page contains everything you need.

In this article, I will share with you what to do to pass your exam based on my experience and expert recommendations.

I will equally tell you what to do before, during, and after exam day.

So, let’s get the ball rolling… Shall we?

Five Effective Tips to Pass an Important Exam

1. Be a Diligent Student

This is arguably the most important tip for passing exam.

Every student desiring good grades must be diligent in class.

You must pay attention to your lecturers, be punctual, and get the required handouts and course materials.

Diligence and punctuality help you build a solid foundation for your academics.

let me tell you a short story…

I hardly read or study the night before an important test while I was in primary school.

Do you know why? I paid attention to everything thought in class, understood it, and I somehow stored them in my head.

Though I saw it as a privilege from God, my undiluted attentiveness in the class largely played a significant role.

Well, don’t ask me if I still possess such an impressive retentive prowess… I have traded it for life’s hustle.

Though paying attention in classes isn’t directly related to exam preparation, it will help you while reading for the exam.

Meanwhile, other reasons why you should pay attention in class include the following:

  • It boosts your learning prowess
  • It gives you an edge over your colleagues
  • It helps you remember the topics and ideas shared easily t

2. Study Hard

Here is one of the most effective tips for passing exams.

Many students engage in all kinds of malpractice and incriminating activities because they want to pass exams without studying.

A flashback to my days in school…

As a gentle and well-raised teenager, studying hard was my surest way to pass an important exam.

I would stay up till 10 p.m. reading and preparing for exams.

Answer all past questions before setting up a mini-exam for myself.

I would create a list of 15 possible questions and answer them before going to bed.

That way, I can be sure of getting good results if everything turns out as well.

Talking of things turning out fine, you need to…

3. Pray Before Every Exam

“If anyone of you lacks wisdom let him ask of the Lord (James 1:5)”

You need God’s wisdom to answer questions.

You need his power and intervention for everything to go smoothly.

Haven’t you heard of the missing script? What about the shocking result, or inhuman ‘sex-for-grade’ lecturers?

These things happen.

Only God can save you from them, which is why prayer is very important.

Pray for God’s grace and enablement to recall all you read before going to the exam center.

Similarly, study the word of God and observe his commandments in all your day-to-day activities.

Don’t just study, pray to God for mercy before, during, and after every exam.

However, prayers can’t replace studying hard for good grades. Work and pray.

Don’t let anyone deceive you that prayer alone will give you good grades.

Things don’t work like that.

The Spirit of God will only remind you what you read and understand… not what you don’t read.

4. Enter the exam hall with confidence and assurance

Here’s another effective tip to pass an important exam or test.

Approach every exam with a positive mindset. Don’t panic before attempting any question.

Believe you have all it takes to answer all the required questions.

Unfortunately, this point isn’t for all students.

You can’t be confident about passing an exam you don’t pray about or prepare for.

It brings us back to the previous tips.

Studying hard and praying will boost your confidence while entering the exam venue.

5. Answer The Questions You Know ASAP

Most people, including myself, do this as it’s one of the effective tips to pass an important exam.

First concentrate on the questions you know too well.

Answer them without any distractions and disturbance.

Having done that, you are left with a few questions you don’t know too well.

What should you do at this point, should you submit an empty script?

It wasn’t an option for me, and I’m not a fan of submitting a blank page.

Think of anything that could be a possible answer to the question and write it.

It might not be exact phrases in your handout, just write it as long as it sounds like the possible answer.

Though you may not get the total score at the end, the lecturer may reward you for putting something down.

This explains why you should pay attention in class and understand everything your lecturers teach.

However, know at least 80% of the questions. The remaining 20% can be guess work.

Moreover, 80% is a good grade.

What to do the before an exam

The few things to do the night before an important exam include

Study: follow all the things I mentioned above

Pray: Prayer is irreplaceable in your quest for academic excellence.

Get everything ready: Prepare all your writing materials and other things you will need during exams.

Sleep early: Early to bed is early to rise

Eat a delicious meal: Research shows that good food boosts mental prowess so you need it before going for exams.

Tips for exam day

Below are some exam day tips for students.

  • Do a brief revision:

I always revise some of the things I have read before entering the hall.

My friends will ask me questions and I will return the favor. That’s why you must take time to choose your friends.

  • Eat something delicious:

You don’t want to battle hunger and exam tension at the same time.

Go through your answers to detect and correct any grammatical blunders.

  • Don’t be nervous:

It is okay to feel nervous on exam days, but try as much as possible to overcome all kinds of anxiety before each paper

  • Work with time:

Write as fast as you can and be time-conscious.

  • Check for errors:

Read the instructions to know what is expected of you.

Avoid distraction while answering the questions.

Meanwhile, Student unimelb writes extensively on what to do on exam day here.

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What to do After Exams

Pray after submitting your answer.

It is one thing to write exams well but it’s another to come out with flying colors, especially from this part of the world.

Focus your on other things while you let the Lord handle the rest.

How to Pass an Exam Without Studying

As mentioned earlier, engaging in unhealthy practices is the only way to pass an exam without studying.

Unfortunately, you are on the wrong page if you are looking for ways to pass an important exam or test without studying.
I study hard before exams.

So, I don’t have tips to pass an important exam without burning the night candle.

Wrapping Up

In summary, the three main tips to pass an important exam or test include paying attention in class, studying hard before an exam, and praying to God for success.

They worked for me quite well, and I’m sure they will work for you too.

Ibukun Italoye

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