Five Proven Christian Ways To Succeed In Life

Five Proven Christian Ways To Succeed In Life

Many people attribute their failures to righteousness without paying attention to the proven Christian ways to succeed.

In their words, they are poor because their faith prohibits indulging in money laundering and manipulative attitudes.

Some would even say they couldn’t focus on their trade because they spent more time in the church, praying and fasting.

But are these reasons genuine enough? Are they justifiable?

Being a Christian shouldn’t stop you from being the best in your chosen career.

In fact, it should give you an edge over everyone else because you have the best role model in Christ.

Well, I’m not here to blame anyone but to discuss five proven Christian ways to succeed.

This article also explains how to balance work and spiritual life for all-round advancements.

So, how can you succeed in your business and career as a Christian?

1. Put God First

Putting God first in all you do is the first proven Christian way to be succeed in life.

The Bible clearly charges every Christian to seek the kingdom of God first (Matthew 6:33).

Seeking first the kingdom of God means putting God first in all you do.

It means making him the Alpha and Omega of everything that concerns you.

Other ways To Put God First include:

  • Praying and Worshipping In The Morning:

One of the ways to put God first involves praising and worshiping him early in the morning.

The psalmist says: “…early will I seek thee (Psalm 63:1)”

Praise God for a brand new day. Thank him for the gift of life. Celebrate him for his goodness love for you and your family.

Commit the new day to his hand while you meditate on his word after praying.

  • Observing His Instructions:

Here is another way to put God first in all your endeavors.

Observing God’s instructions shows your love and respect for him.

It reflects your eagerness to know him more. It means your desire to hear him, and make him the leader of your life.

It reflects your love and trust in his jurisdiction and plans for your life.

  • Serving The Lord:

Serving the Lord is another way to put God first.

Serving the Lord doesn’t mean being a pastor, an apostle, or a preacher. You can serve him as a church worker.

You can also serve him with your substance by donating to church projects or giving to the poor.

Join the protocol unit, media unit, prayer department, or any other unit in your Church, and be diligent in your duty.

The Importance of Putting God First

Everything will work out fine for you when you regard the Lord over any other thing.

That’s because he will be very passionate about you.

According to Matthew 6:33, you will get everything you desire if you put him first by doing his will…

Similarly, God promises to bless those who observe his commandments.

According to Deuteronomy 28:1-6, you will enjoy a blessed family, city, Children, etc.

2. Be Diligent In Your Work

Serving God, obeying or putting him first isn’t the only requirement for blessing or success.

There must be something you do daily and diligently to be successful in life.

God doesn’t support laziness, imbalance, and mediocrity.

He wants you to be diligent in your work and spiritual duties.

Diligence will enhance your business growth, expertise, and reputation as a Christian.

According to Proverbs 22:29, diligence and expertise will boost your growth and open doors for greatness.

It will grant you access to rich men’s heart and their treasures.

How To Be Diligent

  • Set clear goals:

This is my best advice so far this year. Set obtainable goals, and ensure your intentions are clear.

Having one or more achievable goals will motivate you to work hard and diligently.

  • Plan to achieve your goals:

It’s not enough to set goals, you must create plans to achieve them.

You can’t achieve the clearest of goals without actions.

Your plans might include breaking cumbersome goals into smaller tasks so you won’t feel depressed or overwhelmed.

Deploy the most suitable and fastest ways to achieve the set goals.

  • Avoid distractions:

Distraction affects diligence.

Unfortunately, it’s easier to get distracted these days, no thanks to the advancement in technology.

Prevent distraction by keeping your workspace clean and organized.

Ignoring social media platforms at work time and preventing unwanted visitors or gist partners.

  • Take Breaks:

Breaks won’t affect your diligence as long as they moderate.

Take a break from work to rest and recharge your energy.

  • Stay motivated:

Motivation promotes diligence. It gives you the extra push in your quest for success.

Find ways to stay motivated as a Christian. Read books that will boost your psyche.

I recommend The Mystery Of Time And Money.

You can equally listen to soul-lifting songs or reward yourself when attaining a specific milestone.

3. Sow Seed And Engage In Charity

I know seed sowing is one of the most controversial topics in the world right now.

Not everyone agrees that sowing seeds attract blessings and success, especially the unbelievers.

Sowing seeds is a great way to navigate your way to greatness.

You can sow seed to God, via your tithe and offering.

You can as well sow seeds to people who possess what you desire.

It can be clothes, fruits, or other ‘honorable’ materials.

Trust me, this thing works. It’s one of the proven Christian ways way to succeed and attract greatness.

Read what the Bible says about seed sowing here.

Similarly, giving to the needy is another way to attract blessings.

Luke 6:38 is a famous Bible scripture that clearly states the importance of giving to the poor and needy.

However, sowing seeds and engaging in charity projects can’t replace other factors I discussed above.

4. Do The Right Thing At the Right Time

It is one thing to be diligent in your work, but it is another thing to start the right task at the appropriate time.

It’s not enough to be punctual; you must learn to do the right thing at the accurate time.

It guarantees maximum growth, profit, and development.

How to do the right thing at the right right?

I suggest you have a to-do list that contains all your daily tasks.

Ensure you update the list every night before bed.

Every task on the to-do list must feature a time frame.

This method will enhance your productivity and time management.

Likewise, ask God for wisdom to know what to do and when to do them.

5. Be Trustworthy and Sincere

Do you want to be great in life without any shady activities? Then, say the truth always because integrity exalts a nation.

Being trustworthy won’t only enhance your reputation; but also enrich your purse because people will love and respect you.

They would love to do business with you due to your impressive reputation as someone they can trust.

How Balance Work and Spiritual life

Having mentioned five proven Christian ways to succeed in life, let’s briefly discuss balancing work and spiritual life.

Below are three tips to balance work and spiritual life:

  • Wake Up Early To Observe Your Spiritual Practices:

As stated earlier, every Christian should have morning devotion or quiet time before work.

Hence, wake up 20 minutes early to pray, worship, and study the Bible.

Alternatively, you can create a suitable time for spiritual activities. Ensure the set time doesn’t affect your work.

  • Don’t Be In Numerous Church Units:

As much as serving the Lord is non-negotiable, engaging in too many church activities can affect your career growth and overall development.

Being in too many units means more duties and responsibilities in the Church, leading to limited time for work and other parts of life.

Join a unit/department in the Church so you won’t have too many responsibilities in the Church.

  • Don’t Overwork:

Just as it is with excess church programs and services, overworking yourself will affect your spiritual life.

You will be too tired to pray, fast, or meditate on the word of God.

Therefore, set work boundaries. Take a break at the right time so you won’t consume all your time and energy.

Final Thought

In summary, the five effective ways to succeed as a Christian include putting God first; doing the right thing at the right time; being trustworthy; engaging in charity projects and being diligent in your endeavors.

Ibukun Italoye

Ibukun Italoye is a writer with over two years of experience writing in various niches, including football, lifestyle, screenwriting, and stories. He is a Christian, a brother and a friend who loves helping others reach their full potential.

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