Important Things To Do When Life Treats You Good or Bad

Important Things To Do When Life Treats You Good or Bad

Can you tell me how is life treating you in one word — Good, Worst, or somewhere in the middle? Do you even know the important things to do when life treats you good or bad?

Don’t lie to me at this point, you never know what I’m up to!

Oh, first thing first. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you had an amazing celebration.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick friendly write-up that cross my mind few minutes ago.

Kindly pardon my decision to ignore writing principles, but focus on the message I’m passing across to you.

Okay, let’s get down to business!

Enjoying The Best Of Time

My friend reading this post, if you are enjoying the best of time — whether financially or materially, PLEASE don’t ignore people in need of help.

They need you now more than ever.

I mean, you are in the right position to help them now that you have all it takes to feed your family and others without any financial constraints.

Give to the needy when life treats you nicely

You think being a cheerful giver would attract attention, which is the last thing you want that right now?

It’s okay if you feel that way; there are other ways to go about it.

Why not engage in charity programs, visit a qualified and certified orphanage homes and pledge a certain amount of money in an anonymous condition. That’s sound great — right?

And if you feel that isn’t secretive enough, you should invest in someone’s education without revealing yourself to the beneficiary.

If that is still not hidden enough? Then, you might need to establish a strategy that suits your lifestyle. The bottom line is to be a blessing to others…

In this time of your life when everything is going well for you, pls invest in profitable business or any venture that guarantees steady income. Pls and pls, this is very crucial in time like this.

Thank God, you command a mouthwatering paycheck, ensure you invest. Here is me speaking from experience.

Rosy times like this period of your life might possibly seize at some point… Hey! I don’t pray for that, but we’ve seen it happened to many people.

Investment increases your wealth

This is why it is mandatory you invest your earnings in something you can fall to should things go messy. Once again, I DON’T pray for this!

Another thing you should do in this exciting period is to stay humble!

You can make billions and still remain a humble and cool-headed individual. Don’t let your riches and outlandish materials get into your head, there are people making more than you can ever imagine.

Don’t be mad at this junction, I just feel like you need to hear the truth on how to enjoy your life without attracting bad energy.

It’s okay to be proud of your achievements — we all do, but don’t get too excited to assume nobody can achieve the same or better achievements.

It pays to stay humble while you keep enjoying the growth, fame, rich and results of your efforts.

Somewhere In The Middle

To you experiencing the not-too-good period, first thank God that there is still hope because everything hasn’t gone beyond control or redemption.

I repeat, There’s still hope.

I guess am in this category, I’m neither in a best time nor bad time… Just somewhere in the middle, like you.

Knowing that I’m God’s working project, I always thank God that: “Though I am not seeing the best of life, I’m not experiencing its worst side”

You too can develop such grateful mindset while you PUSH for the best…

Don’t lose hope quote image

Admittedly, things aren’t turning out the way we want, and that sucks! But that’s not the end of life.

Remember that popular “When there is life, there is hope” quote? That should form the central part of your belief system from now henceforth, because you are far from a finished gabbage.

Worst Time

And if you think you are in the worst time; I’m sorry to disappoint you — there’s nothing as ‘worst time’ in my dictionary.

Yeah, things are extremely out of hand and you are struggling for daily meal, but that’s not the worst because you still stand a chance of turning things around.

At this stage, you have nothing to loose, you should seek help from trusted friends and relatives.

Hence, it’s important to make good friends who can help you when the going gets tough.

Don’t be too proud to ask for help — just this once. Even Bible says: “Ask, and it shall be given.”

A relative or friend might help you out with a little (I mean extremely little) amount of money. Try and do something with it and ensure you double the figure.

Work and pray for grace. I know it’s hard.

I have actually been in that position before progressing to ‘somewhere in the middle’ So, I know how frustrating it could be.

But being hopeless won’t safe you, you have got to push it. Go all-out and get something started, that’s non-negotiable.

Whether good or bad, life moves on!

Your future is largely determined by today’s actions and a bit of favor. Hence, you’ve got to keep grinding.

Final Thoughts

I don’t even know how to conclude this. I am fired up to keep writing because I feel someone out there need to hear that their current situation isn’t the end.

Nonetheless, let’s end it here for tonight, I will see you some other time…. Keep Winning!!!

Ps: I wrote this beautiful piece in 2021 when I was facing loads of challenges as a student.

Guess what? This content was inspired by hunger and pain. Then, I somehow found my way into the #contentwriting industry, and things got a bit better.

Ibukun Italoye

Ibukun Italoye is a writer with over two years of experience writing in various niches, including football, lifestyle, screenwriting, and stories. He is a Christian, a brother and a friend who loves helping others reach their full potential.

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