How Saudi Arabia And Japan Showed Everything Is Possible

How Saudi Arabia And Japan Showed Everything Is Possible

Japan Celebrates Victory Over Germany

If you have been following the ongoing World Cup tournament in Qatar, you would agree that nothing is impossible.

How would you describe Argentina’s defeat to Saudi Arabia, Germany’s loss to Japan, and Croatia’s goalless draw with Morocco?

Considering the massive rise of the underdogs, I’m dedicating today’s #sportivation post to celebrating Japan and Saudi Arabia for their courageous showings.

I will also highlight some lessons we should learn from both countries. So, sit back and relax while I entertain you with a little match report and motivational content.

Worldcup 2022: What’s The Story

It’s no longer news that the Albiceleste of Argentina lost their first match at the ongoing Qatar 2022 world cup.

The North American powerhouses were tipped to win their first game against the less-fancied Saudi Arabian team.

Having seen how England thrashed Iran, Bookmarkers, pundits, and football fans tipped the star-studded Argentinian side to defeat the underdogs with a wide margin.

Surprisingly, the final result shocked everyone, including the players. Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina by two goals to one.

Despite conceding the first goal via Lionel Messi’s penalty kick, Hervé Renard’s men fought hard to defeat the favorite for the first time in history.

When we thought we’ve seen it all, Japan created another shocking record with their 2-1 victory over Germany.

Germany was the massive favorite heading into the game due to their previous records and the quality of players in the team.

The 2014 World Cup Champions have all their players play for top clubs in Europe. Jamal Musiala, Gundogan, Thomas Muller, Antonio Rudiger, Manuel Neuer, and Kai Havertz all play for Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Chelsea, etc

Japan, on the other hand, has only a few of their players ply their trade in top European clubs. Tomiyasu (Arsenal) and Takumi Minamino ( Liverpool) are the only Japanese players featuring in top European competitions.

Just like Saudi Arabia, the Japanese teams conceded the first goal when Gundogan found the back of the net from the spot in the 32nd minute.

However, they pulled one back in the
72nd minute before completing the impressive comeback in the 83rd minute via Asano’s well-struck shot.

Now that you know the story, let’s discuss some lessons you should learn from both games.

Nothing Is Impossible

Every motivational speaker tells us “nothing is impossible,” while the Bible says: “nothing is impossible with God.”

My pastor, Ben Musa, always re-echoes that “impossibility is nothing,” but Saudi Arabia and Japan showed it.

They defeated title favorites despite all odds, and guess what? They did it in an interesting version by coming from a goal down.

The lesson is glaring for all to see — go for your dreams regardless of how ‘impossible’ they appear.

Nothing is impossible if you apply the best strategies and establish the right connections and relationships.

Don’t Stop Finding The Working Strategy

It is not enough to dream; find the right tactics and apply them to achieve your goals in life.

Would you believe that the Japanese coach, Hajime Moriyasu, deployed three tactics during the clash with Hansi Flick’s side? That’s how desperate he wanted a result against the supposed football giants.

He started with a 4-4-2 formation, but nothing worked for his men. The Germans were rampant, and they eventually opened the scoring.

The Japanese didn’t see much of the ball throughout the first 45 minutes because the Germans were all over them.

However, he switched to 4-3-3 in the second half, and there were massive improvements in their performance.

The Japanese threatened Germany’s backline. They pressed better and retained the ball better than in the first period.

Interestingly, their effort paid when they equalized via Ritsu Doan’s goal. Guess what? Hajime Moriyasu didn’t settle for a draw. He read the game and observed the need to tweak his tactics for the third time.

This time, he deployed a 3-5-2 formation as part of his desire to achieve the historical feat. He introduced players suitable for the new pattern.

His tactical approach worked perfectly as his team was all over the pitch. The players didn’t relent until the breakthrough when they scored the winning goal.

The lesson is simple — don’t be scared of trying different approaches in life until you find the effective ones.

Over-planning doesn’t guarantee success. Start your long-time dream and see as things unfold. The way things turn out will determine your reaction.

Trust me; there is no perfect plan. Start it, and you will achieve it if you react positively to challenges and obstacles on your way to success.

Make friends with positive-minded people

You need friends and family to reach your goals because life’s journey isn’t meant for one person.

However, ensure you make friends with quality people who have all it takes to inspire you to greatness.

You need those who can influence you positively and impact your journey to stardom.

Japanese coach didn’t just tweak his strategies, he also introduced players who could do the job.

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Similarly, you require people who will console you in bad times, motivate you in trying times, rebuke you when you are wrong, and genuinely celebrate your achievements.

Get people who can challenge, advise, lecture, and correct you whenever you make mistakes.

As much as everything is possible, you need one or two people you can trust to stick around when things don’t go your way.

The Japanese and Saudi Arabians believed in their players despite the rough first half. They didn’t stop cheering them until they got the victory. These are the friends and people you need on your journey to greatness.

Talking of friends, here are the four important factors to consider before choosing your friends.

Don’t Give Up Yet

Japan and Saudi Arabia teams kept going despite conceding the first goal. Learn from their never-say-no and courageous attitude.

You’ve come too far to back out now. You are closer to your goals than you could ever imagine. So, don’t give up yet.


Do you learn one or two things from today’s #sportivation post? If yes, stick around as I will create more content from the ongoing World Cup tournament.

Do you have any questions, comments, or recommendations? Feel free to paste them in the comments section below, and I will attend to them as soon as possible.

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