Three Reasons Why You Should Listen To People’s Opinions

Three Reasons Why You Should Listen To People’s Opinions

Friends Sharing Their Opinions

I have heard many people say things like: “people’s opinions don’t count”, “I don’t need their opinions to live my life, ” bla…bla…

My dear, should I tell you the truth? People’s opinions matter a lot. It all depends on how you handle it.

I will discuss three reasons why you should listen to people’s opinions in this article. I will equally show you how to react to people’s derogatory comments without suffering any physiological impact.

Why You Should Listen To People’s Opinions

1. People’s Opinions Aren’t Always Negative

Contrary to popular belief, people’s comments and opinions are not always bad and derogatory.

Some opinions are actually good for your growth and development, although they weren’t presented in a moderate manner.

For instance, your mentors and adviser’s opinions belongs to a group of good and healthy people comments you need to succeed in life.

So, select the type of opinions you want instead of ignoring everyone’s opinions.

2. Critic’s Opinions Sometimes Inspires Growth

Another reason why you should listen to people’s opinions is that it criticism isn’t always a bad thing.

As much as it can be discouraging, it sometimes challenges you to give your best.

I know people’s derogatory opinions can be hard to take, but we need constructive criticism to go beyond limits.

Sometimes, critics and their opinions helps us know our weaknesses and strong points.

3. No One Knows It All

You won’t know everything in life, hence you need people’s feedbacks and opinions.

As mentioned earlier, people’s comments and feedback sometimes uncovers many unpleasant facts about your actions and behaviours.


Best Ways To React To People’s Opinions

  • Seldom listen to people’s opinion:

As much as I encourage listening (to) and reading people’s comments and opinions, don’t do it too often.

Protect yourself from too many unhealthy comments that could affect your mental health.

  • Dissect everything you’ve heard and pick valuable lessons:

As mentioned earlier, some criticisms are beneficial if you could pick up one or two lessons.

Hence, it’s advisable you disect people’s comments on your lifestyle or personality, trash the bad ones, while you work with the good ones.

  • Turn criticisms into source of motivation to grow:

You’re not doing it to please them, but to develop as a person.

Surround yourself with people or friends who will criticize without dampening your morale.


Now that you’ve read why you should listen to people’s opinions and how to handle them, I would love know how you react to people’s derogatory comments? Let me know in the comments section below.

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