Inspiration Vs Obsession: Similarities, Differences, And Importance

Inspiration Vs Obsession: Similarities, Differences, And Importance

Inspiration Vs Obsession: Difference and Importance

Okay, before going deep, here is a quick confession. This post is proudly inspired by LinkedIn! I will explain how and why. If you have been on LinkedIn for a long, you will understand this better because you might have experienced what I am about to share with you.

Let’s begin the journey by sharing my LinkedIn experience with you. We all agree that LinkedIn is the hub for professionals who are good at what they do.

Better still, let me say LinkedIn is a home of successful experts who share every of their success stories to attract more clients and boost their brand.

However, the platform is not all about established professionals. It contains millions of newbies hoping to start their careers on a bright note.

These young innocent people are also looking for the motivation and drive needed to navigate their way through the hardship attached to their little beginning.

I was one of the young newbies on LinkedIn at a point. I was keen on boosting my writing career by learning from people’s success stories.

I was determined to explore the platform for quick results like many others.

Luckily, many inspiring stories keep popping up on my timeline.

I would read them, pick up one or two lessons from the posts, and implement them.

The journey to becoming a household name on LinkedIn was smooth until one day when someone celebrated her landmark achievement.

She wrote: “My first LinkedIn post gained 25k viewers; got me my first client that will pay in six figures; and I gained 2K followers in a day”

I was happy and amazed at the same time.

One part of me was happy for the new user while the other side wanted to believe it was fabricated content to get attention.

Don’t blame me for such unhealthy thoughts, it happens on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

While I was contemplating whether to send a congratulatory message or just ignore it, another massive post appeared on my timeline.

This time it was a post from a trusted LinkedIn user. You must have come across Chinelo Okoye’s profile on LinkedIn if you are an active user.

She narrated how she sealed a massive contract with a top client via her post.

“Who am I to compare myself to the influential Okoye?” I asked rhetorically.

I didn’t doubt her as I rushed to congratulate her and wish her the best.

Something changed at that point. I began to check my followers after publishing any post on LinkedIn, hoping to see massive growth like the first person’s post.

Nothing change! I have just 445 followers after three months. I felt discouraged. Seeing many jaw-dropping testimonies from new LinkedIn users also worsen the situation.

It felt like I’m not doing enough. So, I began to post twice a day expecting some impressive results.

I thought I was inspired by the success stories not knowing I’m obsessed with success.

I started feeling some burnout and unmotivated. Luckily, a post from another LinkedIn user opened my eyes to the truth.

According to Esther Oguntuase, LinkedIn is not a place for the weak as you might develop unnecessary mental issues from reading someone else’s fabricated success stories.

She further explained how not to be obsessed with what you see or read on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

It was then I realized what went wrong and how to stop being obsessed with everything online.

Now that you know my LinkedIn story, let’s discuss what it means to be inspired and obsessed.

What Is Obsession

Obsession is the unhealthy affection for glamorous or beautiful things or people.

It is the uncontrollable desire to have something or a person all to yourself even if it requires deploying illegal means.

In other words, obsession is an act of thinking about something or someone in an abnormal way.

What Is Inspiration

Inspiration is the motivating factor or feeling you derive from reading someone’s story, landmark achievements, or posts.

Inspiration is a feeling that pushes you towards achieving your goals in the right and legal process.

Obsession Vs Inspiration: Similarities

Let me jokingly or ‘creatively’ say that obsession and inspiration are siblings with contrasting behaviours. They belong to the family of passion.

Sounds complicated right? I will explain a bit further.

The passion to achieve your dreams and goals in life makes you study people’s posts and stories to learn and derive inspiration.

Unfortunately, the search for inspiration could turn to obsession the moment you can’t stop thinking of the person and the exciting achievements.

The illustration above is just to let you know there’s a thin line between being inspired by someone and being obsessed with someone.

The similarity between obsession and inspiration is that they both involve someone or something you cherish.

Difference Between Obsession and Inspiration

Being obsessed with some or something can be a bad thing if you don’t control it early, while being inspired by someone or something is actually a good thing regardless of level or intensity.

Disadvantages of Obsession

Obsession makes you ignore your health and overall well-being while you push yourself too hard to impress the person you are obsessed with.

Obsession makes you ignore important people to idolize the cause of obsession.

Obsession can lead to health complications if not controlled early.

You must have heard of OCD — obsessive-compulsive disorder? It’s one of the health challenges attached to obsession.

Advantage of Inspiration

The benefits of inspiration include the following:

  • Inspiration enhances your drive towards achieving your goals in life.
  • Inspiration helps you reach targets within a short period.
  • It helps you give your best in everything.


Five Signs to know if you are obsessed with someone

Below are the four signs of obsession you must check to know if you are obsessed with someone who is initially a source of inspiration.

  • Insecurity or Anxiety

Insecurity/anxiety is one of the signs you should check to know if you are obsessed with someone.

It’s possible your are obsessed with someone if you suddenly become insecure about yourself, hoping to look like the person.

You begin to use the person’s lifestyle and success as a yardstick to measure your growth in life.

  • You think about the person all-day

Obsession makes you think about someone or something you cherish and love, wanting to be with him all the time.

Watch out for the time you spend thinking about someone and how often you monitor their activities on social media.

  • You are being manipulated by the person

Obsession is knocking at your door if the people you see as sources of inspiration begin to manipulate you in their favor.

Obsession is when you choose to be with someone despite knowing that such a person is using you to accomplish their mission.

  • Compromising Your Value and Self-worth

Another sign of obsession is when you compromise your values and esteem to please the person you are obsessed with.

  • You Can’t Focus

Losing your focus is another sign that shows you are obsessed with someone. You are unable to focus on your life because your mind always thinks about the person. Most people call it love, but it’s obsession.

Does It Mean Obsession Has No Advantage

Obsession has some benefits if it’s done moderately. Unfortunately, most people often experience the adverse effects of obsession.

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