Three Simple Solutions To Goals That Seem Unachievable

Three Simple Solutions To Goals That Seem Unachievable

Achieving impossible goals

It’s one thing to set goals but it’s another thing entirely to achieve them.

It’s quite easy to set goals, write them on paper and paste them on your walls, as advised by many motivational speakers.

However, achieving them requires more than willpower.

You must know how to be a goal-oriented person in life.

You must also identify reasons why most people couldn’t achieve their goals, and how to avoid or solve them.

So, let’s discuss three major reasons why people fail to achieve their goals despite seeing them daily.

1. You Are Chasing The Wrong Target

Is there anything like wrong goals? Yes, you could be chasing the wrong dreams or aspirations.

This explains why you must discover God’s purpose for your life and find a way to achieve it.

Let me tell you a brief story. I know someone who failed woefully in a project despite doing everything possible.

After the diverse failures, he took a break to recover from the financial and emotional stress he’s been through.

He returned to the scene after a few months.

However, he diverted his attention to something else this time.

Guess what? He succeeded after just three months and has been living fine since then.

It could be that you are in the car merchandise industry when you are destined to be a freelance writer, training a new generation of quality and writers.


The bottom line is having a very strong a conviction within yourself that you are going for the right goal.

I know there’s a huge pride derived from achieving your goals, don’t hesitate to channel your attention to new goals if the current one seems too hard.

Meanwhile, let’s briefly talk about how to discover your purpose in life.

How To Discover Your Purpose In life

• Consider Your Potential:

Your potential and skills are one of the factors that help you discover your purpose.

God doesn’t just give that talent and potential to useless it.

Instead, he wants you to maximize it to live good and influence humanity positively.

Discover your potential, polish it and make it sellable.

Trust me, you will live well and fulfil your purpose if you follow the steps.

• Consider Your Passion:

Your passion is another factor that gives you a hint about God’s purpose for your life.

What you love might be different from your natural talent or potential. You will have to acquire the skills and master them.

You won’t stop exploring the skills to your benefit and the world at large.

• What Gives You Joy And Fulfillment:

This is more like the second, although there is a slight difference.

Choose a career that gives you joy and fulfilment.

Your peace of mind is a significant factor you should consider in your quest to discover your purpose in life.

Seek People’s Opinions:

This should be your last resort if you didn’t get a clue from all the factors discussed above.

Ask for people’s opinions and feedback.

Go through all the feedback, and decide which one is in line with what you think about your purpose.

Don’t ask just anyone. Select positive-minded and responsible individuals you respect and cherish.

Your mentors, role models, your spiritual father, parents and close knowledgeable friends belong to this category.

2. You Aren’t Doing Enough

Another reason why you’re not achieving your goals could be traced to inconsistency.

It’s possible you aren’t doing enough or not giving all you’ve got.


Double your hustle, and connect with people who will influence your life positively.

Increase the drive while you ensure consistency.

Explore more legal strategies towards realizing your dream.

3. It’s Not Yet Time

Here is the final reason why it seems very difficult to achieve your goals.

There is time for everything; even Christ waited for his time before performing a miracle at the wedding in Canaan.

It’s possible you are doing all you can to achieve your dream but nothing seems to work.

Then, you should know the time hasn’t arrived.

Being in such a situation can be frustrating; I have experienced it so I know how it feels.

I will advice you don’t lose hope, keep pushing and don’t forget to pray more.


There are many things to do in this situation. They include

• Exercising Patience:

Patience is a great virtue we need to thrive in life.

Things won’t always turn out according to our plans. Hence, we must develop the ability to wait and stay calm for God’s perfect timing.

Wait on the Lord, keep working hard and don’t lose up.

Keep giving your best at all times despite the prolonged victory.

One of life’s mysteries is that you can’t achieve anything until the stipulated time.

Jesus knew this quite well, hence he told his mother not to interrupt God’s timing.

I know it’s easier said than done, but you have to be patient and remain happy to prevent developing unwanted health issues.

• Praying More:

You might be wondering what does prayer has to do with achieving dreams and aspirations?

Well, prayer handles spiritual hindrances that could affect your chances of reaching your set goals at the right and stipulated time.

I believe the spiritual controls the physical because nothing happens by chance or luck.

The fact nothing is happening despite implementing every formula and strategy discussed by people who had achieved similar result means there is underlining causes.

Likewise, prayers give the strength and courage to remain committed to God and his wills regardless of how things are turning out in your life.

Another importance of prayer in such situation is that it helps you build solid relationship with God.

• Working harder

As mentioned earlier, remain steady and consistent in your work.

Be diligent in your work and you will crush your goals someday.

Final Thought

You will surely achieve most goals if you apply all the solutions discussed above.

Is there other solutions you would love to add? Kindly share them with me in the comments section

Ibukun Italoye

Ibukun Italoye is a writer with over two years of experience writing in various niches, including football, lifestyle, screenwriting, and stories. He is a Christian, a brother and a friend who loves helping others reach their full potential.

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