Beautiful Places To Visit In Kerala With Family

Beautiful Places To Visit In Kerala With Family

Looking for the beautiful places to visit in Kerala with family? Don’t worry. This article contains interesting places to visit and things to do in famous tourists hub.

It will also disclose everything you should know about Kerala, including location, security in Kerala, how much you need for maximum enjoyment, and some of the best Kerala hotels that guarantee topnotch comfort and relaxation.

Where Is Kerala 

Kerala is a state founded on the 1st of November 1956 in the southwestern region of the Malabar coast in India.

Kerala is one of India’s largest states with over 38,863 km² (15,005 sq mi) and 40 million citizens. 

The famous tourist center is known for diverse cultures and norms, foods, and captivating festivals. 

What Is Kerala’s Official Language

Though there are different cultures and languages in the state, Kerala has one official language known as Malayalam.

Malayalam is a widely spoken language in Kerala and India, which is a good one for strangers and foreign tourists. 

Just learn the Malayalam language and you will communicate fluently like the son of the land. That’s amazing if you’d ask me! 

Kerala Nicknames

Kerala has three nicknames. Some call it Spice Garden of India, while others call it Land of Coconuts. It is also referred to as the “God’s state” 

Hence, don’t be confused if you see people address the state with any of the nicknames.

Are Kerala People Friendly

Kerala is filled with lovely, kind, knowledgeable and friendly people who are ready to make you feel at home. 

They will help you settle down as soon as possible by teaching you the Malayalam language so you won’t find it difficult to interact with them. 

That’s not all, the Kerala people are eager to tell you more about their culture, show you many beautiful places like Munnar, Vagamon, Ramakkalmedu, Marayur, and also take you to some Malayalis schools for a first-hand experience. 

They do all these to ensure that you have a memorable experience throughout your stay with them. 

I recommend you spend one or two days in a traditional home to witness the best of Kerala people in terms of hospitality and care. 

Is Kerala Safe For Tourists?

Yes. Kerala is safe for tourists. There is tight security in Kerala. Therefore, the city isn’t known for crimes, terrorism, or other forms of life-threatening issues. 

Costs Of Living In Kerala

The cost of living in Kerala is affordable compared to other parts of the country. 

No need to break the bank to visit Kerala as a journeyman looking for a perfect place for a short-term vacation. 

According to Sangeetha Bheeman, exploring the state as a tourist is “kinda affordable.  You can comfortably spend 5 days with INR20k -25k budget, excluding your ticket fare” 

She further revealed that “food is cheap, depending on the dish you desire.” 

Though she admitted that fish is slightly costly, it’s still relatively cheap when compared to other states. 

Best Hotels In Kerala 

Kerala contains many luxury hotels where you can relax and rest after exploring the city. 

The best hotels in Kerala include the Xandari Pearl Beach Resort located in Mararikulam. 

It features outdoor pool and a restaurant where you can get both local and international cuisines. 

Xandari Pearl is only 100 meters away from the Scenic Marari beaches, which means you have another amazing place to cool off at sunset. 

Meanwhile, the resort equally provides free Wi-Fi service to surf the internet without leaving your comfort zone. 

The Postcard Mandalay Hall is another lovely hotel for travelers in Kerala. 

Best hotels in Kerala
Mandalay Hall

Located in Cochin, the Mandalay Hall features state-of-the-art facilities like an outdoor swimming pool, 24-hour front desk, active room service, free WiFi, and a snack bar where guests can have access to different drink.

Beautiful Places To Visit In Kerala 

  • The Iringal Craft Village

Kerala isn’t just known for good food, great people, and unique traditional attires, it is also known as a good craft-making state.

The state’s Tourism Department launched a spacious craft village in Kozhikode (a district in the state) where traditional artisans creatively carved many mind-blowing objects.

The Craft Village is one of the beautiful places to visit in Kerala with your family and it is inarguably the best arena you develop your crafting potential — if you have one! 

Learn how to make some enticing objects from raw materials like coir, bamboo, coconut shells, husk, coconut leaves, sand, and palm leaves, etc.

Don’t leave Kerala until that potential becomes another money-making asset! 

  •  The Sandalwood Forest

Sandalwood Forest is one of the famous forests in India and it features in my list of beautiful places to visit in Kerala with family

Located in Marayoor, the Sandalwood forest contains a wide range of trees which provides cool shades where you and your family can relax. 

Apart from the attractive trees, other things to expect from the Sandalwood Forest include the factory of the Forest Department, Thoovanam Waterfalls, and ancient rock paintings.

  • Lulu Mall 

Lulu Mall is a must-visit place if you are in Kerala with kids. Located in Edappally, Kochi, Kerala, Lulu Mall is one of the largest malls in India. 

Get your kids’ lovely watches from top brands like Tissot, and Swatch. Likewise, clothes and groceries are all available a the mall. 

Apart from being one of the busiest malls in India, Lulu mall remains one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kerala with family and friends.

  • Kerala Backwater

Best Backwaters in Kerala

Kerala Backwaters is one of the places to visit in Kerala with family in December. 

Interestingly, there are lots of Backwaters in Kerala, which means you have more than enough places to explore.

According to Thrillophilia, the best five backwaters to explore in Kerala with kids include Alleppey Backwaters, Cherai Island Backwaters, Kumarakom Backwaters, Kuttanad Backwaters, and Cochin Backwaters 

Meanwhile, visiting the Backwaters is one of the recommended things to do in Kerala in May, December, March or November. 

Fascinating Things To Do In Kerala

  • Watch The Kathakali Performance

Kathakali is an ‘all-in-one’ art show characterized by numerous colourful costumes, wears, face masks, and other eye-catching attires.

Well, I call it an ‘all-in-one art show’ because it features diverse performances such as choreography, dance, drama, music, and vocal performances among others.

Meanwhile, research shows that Kathakali has been existing since the 17th century, although no one knows the specific year or month.

  • Spend A Few Days With Traditional Families

Many foreign tourists and visitors prefer booking a hotel room during their visit to Kerala — which is normal. 

However, try spending one or two days with old traditional people in Kerala, especially if you are a historian. 

Staying with them offers you the best chance for uninterrupted discussions. 

Ask questions related to Kerala’s history, culture and traditions. 

Find more about their cookings, kings, and ancient traditional leaders. 

Lastly, eat Kerala’s local and traditional Cuisines like Appam with stew, Karimeen pollichathu, Malabar Parotta with Kerala beef curry, Erissery andlentil curry, or Palada payasam, which are best cooked by the Malayalis.

  • Don’t Miss The Kalaripayattu Bout

The Kalaripayattu Bout is an event you should witness together with your family. 

Kalaripayattu Bout is a respected event that showcases Kerala’s ancient martial art.

It’s one of the oldest martial art shows in the world. The action-packed event features physical and martial skills like running, somersaulting, swinging spears and daggers, jumping, etc

You’ve been watching it on TV, it’s time you see it live in Kerala.

  • View A Theyyam Performance

Viewing a theyyam performance is another thing to do in Kerala with kids. 

Theyyam performance is a scenario where some group of actors create a fierce-looking but colourful and well-costumed warrior to worship him.

In short, Theyyam is a way of worshipping an idol-like creature to experience success and prosperity in all their future endeavours.

However, you’re not mandated to bow to the creature/ warrior, it’s a matter of choice. 

I recommend you view the event with your family and see how much respect and love the Indians have for their warriors.

  •  Ride on an Elephant’s Back 

Here’s another thing to do with your family in Kerala between June and July. 

I know one Elephant’s back isn’t comfortable for all the family members, you can hire two or three… It’s affordable. 

Riding on Elephant’s back is a lively activity to do during your stay in Kerala as it makes you feel thrilled. 

It equally leaves you with a memorable experience you won’t forget anytime soon.

Your kids shouldn’t be intimidated by the size, the Elephant handlers are readily available to guide and guard them throughout the fun-filled exercise.

Make sure you go with your clear camera so you can capture the moment and upload it on Social media accounts.

  • Go For An Ayurveda Massage

The Ayurveda Massage isn’t like every other massage as it comprises both ancient and modern-day massaging techniques.

Warm plants are combined with massaging oils before they are applied to your body for great effect. 

It stimulates the nerves and muscles, thereby putting you in great shape before returning to work.

  • Ride In A Boat Down The Periyar River
Periyar River

Periyar River is the largest river in Kerala covering about 244km. It is a regular source of drinking water to a major part of the state. 

You and your family should experience what it feels to boat-ride on it.

Safety measures are put in place should there be any case of emergency. 


  • Experience The Onam Festival 

ONAM festival is the main feast of the Kerala people. It is arguably the most celebrated festival in the city. 

Old, young, indigenes and strangers are all eligible to participate in the Onam festival. 

Again, I consulted my Indian friend, Sangeetha Bheeman, about her thoughts on the eventful and exciting festival. 

She said the festival is an annual feast in Kerala, which involves rituals and shows of generosity among the people. 

Foods are shared among people who are in the state for the festival, regardless of their nationality or skin colour. 

According to her, it’s a popular feast in Kerala and the world because both Malayalis (People of Kerala) and non-malayalis celebrate Onam all over the world.

She disclosed that Onam doesn’t have a specific date and month. There is a special Malayalam calendar that determines when to celebrate the festival. 

Bheeman further revealed that Vegetarian food is the highlight of the event as almost 25-30 varieties of vegetarian foods are served in one plantain leaf for people to enjoy. 

Meanwhile, the Onam festival 2022 began on the 30th of August and ended on September 8th. 

You can watch the video below to know more about the much-discussed Onam festival 

  • View The Sunset At The Alleppey Backwaters 

I’d earlier mentioned the Alleppey backwater among the top five backwaters in Kerala without reason. 

The reasons, why the Alleppey backwater is rated high by Indians and travellers, is that it allows you to view the sun set, hear the tweeting sound of flying birds, and witness the popular boat race. 


There are more interesting events and fascinating things to do in Kerala not discussed here.

I’m sure you will eventually get to know them when you visit the Asian city. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check my post on the top 10 Camping Spots In California. 

Where would you love to visit in any of the places mentioned above? Let me know in the comment section! 

Photo Credits: Lakes Of India, Times of India, Luxury Hotels, Thrillophilia, hindustantimes, and Ibebit. 

Special Mention: Sangeetha Bheeman… 

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