Six Fascinating Things To Expect From The Highly-rated Woodland Park Zoo

Six Fascinating Things To Expect From The Highly-rated Woodland Park Zoo

Things to expect from Woodland Park Zoo.

Have you ever dreamed of touching a healthy elephant before? What about watching an interesting action-packed movie in a wildlife theatre?

Would you love to visit a place that offers the chance to see over 900 animals without struggling with a mammoth crowd?

Have you been looking for a venue where your kids will make new friends just by participating in exciting events with other kids?

If yes, then Woodland Park Zoo should be your next destination as it offers you the opportunity to achieve these and many more.

Wondering what the zoo is all about? Then, read this post with rapt attention as it will disclose everything you should know about the much-discussed tourist attraction.

It will also disclose the six most fascinating things to expect from Woodland Park Zoo.

Where Is Woodland Park Zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo is Located in Seattle, US. It was launched in 1899 and has since become a hub for both local and foreign tourists due to its attractive features and exciting activities. 

It is one of the zoos in Seattle that guarantees maximum excitement and fun. It’s conducive for both children, men and women.

Six Fascinating Things To Expect From The Woodland Park

You should expect many fascinating things from this lovely park. Okay, let’s begin with:

  • Massive Landscape and Size

It will interest you to know that the woodland park covers a huge 92 acres of land. 

This means you and your family will have sufficient space to pitch your tent, play hide and seek, walk around, etc.

Though visitors are allowed to bring their homemade food and ice cream, eating at any of the nearby restaurants and bars won’t be a bad idea.

  • Up Close With Ring-tailed And Red Ruffed Lemurs 
A ring-tailed lemur at the Woodland Park Zoo

Having an uninterrupted up-close session with the Lemur species is one of the best Woodland Park Zoo events as it gives room to interact and take pictures with the lovely creatures. 

However, this isn’t open to all visitors. You must participate in the Love Lemur contest because only one winner will enjoy this event. 

Learn more about the Love Lemur contest, which will begin on the 17th of September this year, here.

  • Giant Real-life Dinosaurs 

You are missing something huge if you haven’t visited the Woodland Park Zoo since May 2022. 

Yeah, that’s because there is a new exhibition in town, and it’s no other than the dinosaurs.

See hundreds of giant dinosaurs in the park. Guess what? You are permitted to take pictures or video if you aren’t scared of their intimidating appearance. 

The dinosaurs in the Woodland Park Zoo include a huge 40-foot-long tyrannosaurus rex, mother dinos and their babies, and head-butting giants. 

Meanwhile, you need the special dinosaur discovery ticket to enjoy this fascinating exhibition. The ticket price ranges from $4 to $5, depending on your membership status. 

Don’t know what a dinosaur looks like? see the image below. 

Dinosaur at the Woodland Park Zoo

  • The Lively Nature-inspired Zoomazium Closure

The Zoomazium closure is a one-stop arena for kids looking to make new friends after participating in multiple friendly activities and tasks. 

The Woodland Park Zoomazium closure is an indoor, all-weather space featuring nature-inspired facilities that enhance learning, and a lively atmosphere. 

Kids — from age zero to eight — can engage in different games and events in the Zoomazium. Games like Calm critters will undoubtedly impress your little kids. 

It might interest you to know that the Zoomazium is open to all guests from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Every day, except Tuesday in which it’s closed.

  • Gorgeous Molbak’s Butterfly Garden

This place is for those who love butterflies and desire to see different types of free-flying creatures. 

Molbak’s butterfly garden contains at least 100 butterflies of different sizes, colours, and species. 

Explore the beautiful and serene garden of Molbak while the healthy butterflies swing their wings around you. You won’t only view the mobile creatures, but also discover more facts about their cycle. 

The types of butterflies in the United and Woodland Park Zoo include Papilionidae, Pieridae, Nymphalidae, etc. 

  • Breakfast With Exciting Pollinators 

Having breakfast with the butterfly simply means eating while you watch healthy and attractive butterflies fly around the clean environment. 

Breakfast with the buttery is a one-off springtime event happening at the  Microsoft Pollinator Patio side of the zoo. You will have a light breakfast, engage in fun activities, and learn how to care for local pollinator species.

Use the Woodland Park Zoo’s West Entrance for seamless access to the venue of this exciting event.

  • Over 92,000 Plants And Trees 

Another thing to expect from the Woodland Park Zoo is the presence of over 92,000 plants and trees. 

The zoo isn’t just about animals, it features thousands of trees and plants of more than 1,000 different species. 

The trees provide shade for family picnics and relaxation. They also provide a natural atmosphere for heartfelt discussion. 

Some of the plants and trees in the Woodland Park Zoo include Deodar Cedar (Cedrus Deodara) at the south entrance, Black Locust (Robina pseudoacacia) located in the lion exhibit, Bigleaf Magnolia, Empress Tree, English Elm, Chilean Fire Tree (Embothrium coccineum), etc.

Things To Know Before Visiting Woodland Park Zoo

The things you should know before visiting the Woodland Park Zoo include the following:

  • It was founded in 1889 by Guy Phinney.
  • The Woodland Park Zoo is open to visitors at 9:30 am and closes at 4 pm or 6 pm, depending on the season and bioclimatic factors. 
  • Over 1.3 million people visit the Woodland Park Zoo annually to view different species of animals. Therefore, travel early to avoid traffic congestion at the entrances.  You should his visit in the months discussed later. 
  • Adults will spend at least $24.60 to get a ticket.
  • Children between ages 3-12 are to pay $15 for tickets, while children of the ages will enjoy free tickets. 
  • Download the Woodland Park Zoo App for better guidelines.

How To Get To The Woodland Park Zoo From Your Country 

  • Foreign visitors should fly to Seattle or neighbouring US cities from their various countries.
  • You can get to the Woodland Park zoo from Seattle by Bus, Taxi, or car.
  • There are many bus line stations in Seattle to take you to the venue. They include bus lines 5, 16, and 44.
  • Meanwhile, Phinney Ave N & N 50th St (549 yards), Phinney Ave N & N 55th St (626 yards), NW Market St & 3rd Ave NW (939 yards), and Roosevelt Station (1023 yards) are the closest stations to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. 
  • The wildlife conservation centre boasts five parking lots, including Otter, Bear, Penguin, Hippo, and Flamingo. 
  • The Woodland Park Zoo has two entrances, including the West and South Entrances. 
  • You can explore the West entrance through the Otter and Penguin parking lots. 
  • You will need to explore the Hippo parking lot to enter through the South Entrance near the African Savanna exhibit. 

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Woodland Park Zoo Tickets

As mentioned above, adult visitors require tickets worth $24.60, while children need $15 tickets to visit the tourist center.

Free Woodland Park Zoo Tickets And Discounts

Children (two years and below) are eligible for the free Woodland Park Zoo Tickets. It means they will enjoy all available packages for free. 

You stand a chance to enjoy some percentage discounts depending on seniority, disability, the number of people in your premium membership plan, and your military status.

How Long Does lt Take To Tour The Whole Zoo?

Touring the nooks and crannies of the zoo can be a daunting task considering its massive size and diverse events. You need at least 12 hours to explore all that’s present in the zoo

Unfortunately, touring non-stop for 12 hours can be tiring. So, I advise you engage in one event before the other. 

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

The best time to visit the Woodland Park Zoo includes weekdays and academic season because there won’t be too many crowds. Students are busy with school work while others are busy with their office work during this period. 

Visiting Woodland Park on weekdays guarantees stress-free access to the park because you will only struggle with fewer crowds. 

On the contrary, travelling in the summer isn’t a good idea as there would be a mammoth crowd finding their way into the zoo. 

Hence, don’t visit the Woodland Park Zoo in late September to avoid traffic hold-ups and stress caused by the influx of travellers. 

January appears to be the best time to visit the Woodland Park Zoo if you aren’t interested in a crowdy environment. 

Is it conducive to visit when it’s raining? Touring the park in the rain isn’t a good idea, especially if you have little kids. 

Therefore, exploring Woodland Park in the rain isn’t a healthy decision. Nonetheless, you are guaranteed much fun should you eventually visit while raining. 

Where Can You Purchase Food At The Zoo?

Though all visitors can bring their food to the zoo, there are restaurants close to the Woodland Park Zoo. 

There’s an indoor/outdoor dining at 1899 Grove,  formerly known as the Rainforest Food Pavilion. You can get both local and foreign cuisines from the restaurants. 

Gather and Graze Cafe is another place to eat near the Woodland Park Zoo. Located at 5500 Phinney Ave N, Seattle,  different mouthwatering meals and cuisines are available for your satisfaction. These include Gourmet cheeses, meats, crackers, nuts, veggies, dips, etc. 

Meanwhile, there is a Cuban food truck and a coffee stand near the African Savanna area where you can have well-prepared meals.

Are There Elephants At The Woodland Park Zoo? 

No, Elephants are no longer available in the forest after Watoto’s death in 2014. 

Watoto was a 47-year-old elephant that gave up the ghost in 2014. The officials chose not to bring a new elephant. 

Meanwhile, animals you will see at the Woodland Park zoo include gorillas, Zebra, Patas Monkey, Ostrich, Hippopotamus, Giraffe, butterflies, etc. 

What About Bears? 

The type of Bear at Woodland Park Zoo is Brown Bears, which are known for their round ears, long snout, curved claws, and big paws. 

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How Ethical Is The Woodland Park Zoo?

The Woodland Park Zoo is a clean, neat and healthy environment for all visitors. The trees ensure fresh air, while the flowers create a soothing smell that your nose can’t resist. 

There are security officers to watch over your parked vehicles throughout your stay in the zoo. 

In a nutshell, the Woodland Park Zoo is ethical for both young and old visitors. 

What Is Woodland Park Zoo Known For 

The Woodland Park Zoo is famous for its natural-friendly environment and top wildlife conservative measures. 

The zoo has won many awards for caring for animals and helping kids discover more about animals. 


Have you visited the Woodland Park Zoo— what do you think of the Zoomazium? 

Which entrance did you use, and what’s your favourite spot in the zoo? 

Kindly share your experience with us via the comment section. 

Meanwhile, kindly share this post if you love it… it will go a long way to encourage me! 

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