9 Effective Ways To Start Your Day On Positive And Happy Note

9 Effective Ways To Start Your Day On Positive And Happy Note

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Starting your day on a positive and happy note shouldn’t be an uphill task if you know and practice all it takes to be healthy, happy and determined. So, I will show you some testes-and-trusted strategies to achieve it in this article. 

The 9 ways to start your day on a positive and happy note include thanking God for a brand new day, drinking water, meditating, hitting the gym, setting your goals, staying happy, staying organised, eating breakfast, and waking up early.

  • Wake Up Early 

This is inarguably one of the best ways to start a day positively. Nothing is as good as waking up as soon as possible and hitting the ground running. 

Okay, some say it’s good to wake up by 4, while others say 5 or 6 am. What’s my advice? Well, I believe waking up by 5 am is good. 

However, I won’t mind waking up by 6 am after working late at night. I won’t feel bad if I wake up by 6 after a productive night! Whether 4, 5 or 6 am, the best thing is to know what’s best for you and stick with it. 

Nonetheless, waking up by 5 (latest) should be the standard for everyone hoping to have a bright, positive and productive day.

  • Thank God For A New Day 

Here is the first thing I do after waking up in the morning. Thanking God for a new day is a rite I don’t miss for anything in the world because only he can make it possible.

Waking up to a new day simply means God has given you another opportunity to make an impact, correct past errors, and create a new path for the future. 

Hence, thanking him for another chance means to value and appreciate his kind gesture towards you.

  • Drink Water 

Does this sound strange to you? I mean, how does drinking water help you start a day positively? Well, that’s because drinking a glass of water early in the morning does more benefits to the body than you can ever imagine.

According to Dr Ashish Sachdeva of Pinnacle Care, drinking water in the morning before breakfast enhances metabolism; strengthens your immune system; reduces Heartburn and Ingestion occurrence; etc. 

He further suggests that taking at least 650 mL (3 cups) of water will also help to enhance your overall body condition and shape before starting your daily shores. 

Hope you now see why you must take at least a glass of water before heading to work.

  •  Meditate

Meditating or studying comes next as it helps to brighten your mind and sharpen your mental strength ahead of the day. 

You should know by now that I am a son of God if you have been following this blog or my articles for a while. So, I advise you to study the word of God in the morning as it helps you build a stronger relationship with God. 

It also gives you a clear direction and conviction on how to plan your day.

Meanwhile, you can choose other inspiring content or books from best-selling authors like Myles Munroe, and Bishop David Oyedepo, among others. 

  • Hit The Gym 

Here’s another way to start your day in a very bright and positive way. I know you want to achieve all your  targets for the day but your body must be in good and top condition to get that done.

Hence, hitting the gym is very important as it will put the body in good shape all through the day. 

Apart from its positive effects on the body, exercise also has other impressive impacts on your mental health and mood.

The importance of exercise to mental health and the overall body includes the following:

  • It boosts your learning capacity as it improves assimilation. 
  • It enhances your reasoning prowess
  • It guarantees emotional balance. 
  • It reduces anxiety 
  • It reduces depression which might lead to chronic health problems in the long run. 
  • It makes you happy and lively. 
  • It strengthens your heart and muscles 
  • It aids metabolism and also increases energy levels. 
  •  Create a To-do List 

Though you should have created the next day’s to-do list before going to bed, it is okay if you couldn’t for one reason or the other. 

Every morning offers you another chance to get it done before stepping out of the doorstep.

Get a pen and paper; write down the tasks you intend to accomplish before the end of the day. Ensure you start with the most important task before moving to the rest. 

Though most people believe it’s best to put the challenging ones first, I will advise you to choose the most pressing and most important ones over the less important ones regardless of their difficulty levels.

Creating a to-do list in the morning will help you know what lies ahead regarding the tasks to accomplish. It will equally give a clue of how much time to spend on each task. 

Ibebit has a detailed article on the importance of a to-do list, how to create an effective to-do list, and things to consider while creating one.

Trust me, having a to-do list is one of the effective ways to start your day on a positive and happy note.

  • Stay Happy 

Being happy in the morning is non-negotiable if you must have a positive day. 

You can’t wake up in a sad state and expect a bright start… that’s impossible. 

I know It’s possible you had a lot on your mind before bed, but that shouldn’t stop you from putting up a smiling face in the morning.

The fact that you wake up to a new day means you have another opportunity to solve the troubling issue. 

Be positive, and believe everything will be alright. Try all you can to make things work, and be upbeat about the future

Don’t be moody in the early hours of the day. Instead, be happy and hopeful for a better day. 

Meanwhile, staying away from social media early in the morning is one the proven ways to be happy in the morning. The only exception is if you’re expecting to close a new deal online. 

  • Stay Organized

Staying organised is another way to start your day on a positive and happy note. Wake up early, tidy the compound, and prepare your meal before going to the office. 

Look beautiful, smart and neat in the morning as that will set you up for a better day. 

Check your to-do list regularly to know how far you’ve gone in your quest to finish your tasks for the day. 

With a to-do list, you will be more organised because you will know what to do and when to do it. 

  • Eat Breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal and it is very crucial to the body. You can’t overlook the role of breakfast in giving you the best positive start to your day as it is known to enhance a good mood. 

Breakfast improves metabolism, it stabilizes your blood sugar levels, nutritious breakfast prevents unnecessary and unhealthy cravings. A good breakfast increases energy levels, thereby increasing your productivity

A healthy breakfast equally boosts your concentration, it improves reasoning capacity and memory. Eating breakfast will surely give you the best possible start to a new day.


You are sure to be happy and productive all through the day if you explore the ways to start your day on a positive and happy note discussed in this article. What other ideas you think would work? Feel free to paste them in the comments section.

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