Seven Exciting Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday, And How I Celebrated Mine

Seven Exciting Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday, And How I Celebrated Mine

Ways To celebrate birthday
Exciting Ways To Celebrate Birthday

Birthday comes once a year. Therefore, I advise you celebrate in grand style. Don’t know the exciting ways to celebrate birthday? Don’t worry I have numerous ideas to share with you.

Let’s do it this way; August 14 was my birthday so I will tell you how I celebrated mine. Then, I will add more ideas later in the post so you would have multiple options to choose from. Do you agree with that? Okay fine, let’s get down to business

How I celebrated my birthday

It was an awesome day. I mean, clocking another year wasn’t a small achievement. It deserves to be celebrated with all family and friends. Take pictures and have an unforgettable experience you will cherish for another 365 days.

Unfortunately, I didn’t celebrate my birthday in grand style like I would have loved to. I didn’t have enough time to merry as I had to finish a project that must be submitted the next day.

Did you say that’s not enough reason? Well, you are right! That wasn’t the only reason for the low-key celebration. My introverted nature somehow prevented me from visiting different places as I have always been the indoor type. I seldom step out of the compound for no reason— hopefully, that will change this year.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a good time whatsoever. The following list of activities I performed during the day will surely convince you.

1. I went to church to praise God

Nothing is as good as celebrating your birthday on Sunday because it offers you the chance to praise God in church alongside other worshipers.

As a Christian, it has been my norm and tradition to begin a birthday celebration in God’s presence— singing praises to his name and committing the next 365-day journey to his watchful eyes.

According to Apostle Joshua Selman in one of his teachings, it is important and mandatory to start everything with God.

He said: “Never forget this formula: ‘in the beginning God’….” meaning we should begin all projects, each day, and every assignment with God if we must succeed.

He further said:  “If he doesn’t begin, he cannot defend anything there” This is why I have developed the act of acknowledging God first on my birthdays.

You may not necessarily go to church or any worship place, you can praise God at any location or position without distractions.

I danced well in church and I celebrated God in the best way I could because he deserves all my praise and worship. That was the beginning of my birthday celebration.

Do you also love doing this on your birthday? When last did you praise God before going to restaurants or cinemas to celebrate your birthday?

I advise you to adopt this birthday celebration idea as it will further boost your relationship with God. Not just on birthdays, praising God should be a daily rite.

2. Got Some Nice Meals At An Expensive Eatery

Only God knows when last I visited a restaurant, but thank God for the 14th of August 2022— my birthday.

I saw this attractive restaurant while coming from Church, and then I thought it was a good day to break the jinx.

‘Chicken Republic’ is the best place to eat on a memorable day like this. I mean, Chicken Republic remains one of the best eateries in Nigeria although their delicious dishes are quite expensive.

Anyways, I dashed into the restaurant in my good-looking apparel — holding my newly-bought KJV Bible in my right arm like a newly converted Christian.

I ordered Moimoi (sweet local cuisine made from powdered beans), meat pie and a bottle of Coke. Hey, don’t see me like a glutton— they were breakfast and lunch.

As I said earlier, I don’t have no sufficient time to stay in a restaurant for long. So, I ordered the takeaway pack while I zoom off to my apartment.

On getting home, I dealt with the Moimoi after a brief after-church prayer. I ate it with Garri (a local cuisine made from a well-steamed grinded cassava). No doubt, I was totally in for a local combo, but that was delicious!

A few hours, later it was time to sentence the meat pie to stomach arrest. I assisted it with the bottle of coke for easy step-down. The day went well in terms of food.

I know you fancy this part of my birthday celebration because everyone loves good food on their special days. You should do the same too.

Go to a nearby restaurant and treat yourself to a sumptuous but affordable meal and great relaxation. Birthday happens once a year, celebrate it in all modesty.

Meanwhile, I would love to hear about the food you eat during your last birthday so I can target it next year…

3. I Called My Family And Friends

I picked up my phone and dialed some of my family after settling my stomach and appetite.

I called my siblings I haven’t seen for some years. I have been away from home for over five years now, so I must call and hear from them as a way of celebrating my new year.

My mother’s call opened the floor. She called to wish me the best for the next 365 days of my life.

I was all smiling while she eulogies me passionately and interestingly. Meanwhile, she went from eulogy to prayers while I kept saying “amen”

Have I ever told you I have the best family in the world? Okay, let me say it loud and clear this time… “I have the world’s best family in the world”

I mean, my younger sisters were funny, happy, and lively throughout the call session. I felt like seeing them ASAP, but that wasn’t possible as I am extremely far away from home.

This is a good way to celebrate birthday. Hang out with nearby friends and family, while you call the ones who are far from you. Reconcile with people who offended you, and ensure you start a new year without grudges against anyone.

4. Social media ended up being my celebration center

What else do you expect from a blogger building an online presence? I spent the rest of the day on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn and Whatsapp.

Messages kept dropping in my DM on LinkedIn, while people’s Whatsapp status was all about me.

I felt so overwhelmed and surprised by the pool of messages I received all through the day. I know spent a lot of time online, but getting such numerous messages was unreal and amazing.

This is me saying “thank you” if you sent me a congratulatory and goodwill message on my birthday… I appreciate you.

5. I took some quality pictures… And we call it a day

What’s a birthday celebration without pictures you would look back to in the future? Pictures aren’t just for present fun and enjoyment; they help you remember the past.

You can easily refer back to pictures to remember how long you’ve come in life.

Unfortunately, I don’t like staying behind the camera but I had no option. I took two or three pictures and uploaded them on Google drive for more security. It was a fully-loaded day for me.

Well, I don’t need to tell you the importance of pictures. I also don’t have to advise you to take pictures or make videos because I know you can’t let such a glorious day escape social media attention. All I’m saying is that you must take one or two pictures even if you are an introvert.

6. Set Targets For The New Year

Living without goals to achieve means you are set for failure as there is nothing to propel you to greatness.

In the same vein, setting unobtainable goals is risky as you might be pushed beyond the limit while trying to achieve the daunting goals.

Hence, I was calm and collected while making my list of things to achieve this year. I wrote down some goals to achieve this year, and I trust God to help me.

Endeavour to set targets for yourself this year. Write down the targets, dreams, and goals you intend to achieve in this stage of your life.

However, as I always say, you can’t achieve anything without being a goal-oriented person. Hence, I advise you to learn the easiest ways to be a goal-oriented person in life. That’s all about my birthday.

However, I won’t restrict you to my mode of celebration. So, let’s see other exciting ways to celebrate birthday as an extrovert or introvert.

Seven Exciting Ways To Celebrate Birthday

1. Throw A Party

As mentioned above, birthday comes once a year. Therefore, you should celebrate big if you have the finance and time for that.

One great way to celebrate your birthday involves throwing a birthday party. Invite friends and family, and have a fun-filled day.

Get a DJ while you dance to hit songs all day. However, don’t throw any party if you don’t have sufficient funds. Don’t get a loan for a birthday celebration; it’s not a good idea.

Likewise, celebrate responsibly. Don’t get drunk; don’t invite hoodlums that could spoil the day.

2. Organize A Get-together Picnic

Here is a low-budget alternative to a birthday party. Organize a simple get-together picnic with your close friends and family.

Get a nice location; cook a delicious meal for a handful of guests, while you guys enjoy the day. Play games, dance to music, and say stories. Seize the opportunity to appreciate everyone for their roles in your life throughout the just concluded year.

3. Watch Movies

I spent some time on social media because I had nowhere to go and I had a project to submit. You could choose to watch movies instead of reading congratulatory messages online.

Is there any movie you have wanted to see on Netflix? This special day offers you the time and chance to view the movie.

The best movies to watch on your birthday include Legally Blonde, Stardust, She’s The Man, Enduring Love, The Boys in the Band, In the Aisles, and Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party

What if your birthday is on a workday? You can always watch a movie after returning from the office. I know you were busy all through the day, but you can watch movies as a relaxation strategy.

4. What about getting a Spa treatment?

A spa treatment is a good mental detox. You need to detoxify all mental stress that could affect your productivity.

Hence, turning your birthday into a spa treatment day isn’t a bad idea… trust me.

Locate the best relaxing spa close to you. Go for Mud baths, massages, and facial treatments to enhance your skin glow and overall body strength.

Meanwhile, the best 5 Spas in Los Angeles are Spa at Montage Beverly Hills, Spa at The Beverly Hills Hotel, Larchmont Sanctuary Spa, Tomoko, and Surya Spa

The best five Spas in Lagos include Jane’s Haven Beauty Spa, Bioviva Holistic Spa, Beauty Beseech, Studio 6, and Rejuvenee Spa. Read more about these Spas here.

5. Explore The Beach

Have you ever experienced the calming effect of cold sand between your toes? Exploring the beach on your birthday should be on your checklist if you haven’t done it before.

I discussed extensively the most beautiful beaches in Clearwater, Florida in my previous posts. Ensure you read it before settling for your desired beach.

Meanwhile, the best beaches in Africa 2022 are Anakao (Madagascar), Pemba (Tanzania), Sandwich Harbour (Namibia), Le Morne (Mauritius), and Anse Lazio (Seychelles).

The most beautiful beaches in Asia include Cua Dai Beach, Vietnam), Pink Beach, Komodo, Indonesia), Boracay, Philippines), El Nido (Philippines), Koh Phangan (Thailand), and Northern Beach (Cambodia).

6. Get A Beautiful Gift For Yourself

It’s your birthday; you have all the right to get yourself a gift. Visit a store, get that lovely dress, a piece of jewellery, or pairs of shoes you’ve always loved to have.

The gift won’t only add to your collections, but also serve as a point of reference as it will always remind you of your great day.

7. Bake a Cake or make a special Delicacy

Here is an idea for celebrants without a place to go or a birthday party. Bake a lovely cake, while you invite your friends over to celebrate with you.

You can’t bake? Then, try cooking a special and very delicious delicacy. I don’t mean cooking the normal ‘Good’ food. You should make special dishes cooked with oil of gladness and joy.

Do you get what that means? I mean, a special day deserves a unique meal and special treatment.


Is there special ways you celebrate your birthday different from what I’ve discussed here? Don’t hesitate to share them as I look forward to learning from you too..

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