Three Effects Of Bad Habits And How To Stop Them

Three Effects Of Bad Habits And How To Stop Them

Bad habits effects
Bad Habits chase people away from you

What are habits? What are the effects of bad habits on human life? Do you know bad habits can stop you from reaching your dreams and aspirations in life? 

Unfortunately, there is more to habits that most people don’t know. This is is why I have chosen to discuss more about it. 

In this post, I will explain the true meaning of habits, types, and effects on human ambitions and the future. 

What are habits?

Habits are the characters you portray. They are what you do regularly and constantly. Things you do almost every day of your life. 

Habits reveal your true personality — let me explain. You can tell me “you’re a great, loving and caring person,” while your habits reflect an entirely different person. 

A habit is an attribute one can easily develop but is difficult to dump. Hence, it is very crucial carefully choose the kind of people around you so you don’t develop unethical behaviours. 

Types Of Habits 

Habits can be classified into two types, including Bad and Good 

Bad Habits

Bad habits are negative attitudes that can stop you from making it to life’s apex positions. 

Bad habits won’t only prevent you from maximizing your full potential, but also stop you from fulfilling your God-given purpose. 

Examples Of Bad Habits 

There are many examples of bad habits, however, let’s limit ourselves to the top ten rampant within our communities, countries and fields. 

According to Wyrk, the ten examples of bad habits include the following: 

  • Smoking 
  • Swearing
  • Picking your nose
  • Biting your fingernails
  • Telling lies 
  • Biting your nails 
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Poor cooking 
  • Ingratitude 
  • Racking Up Debt 

Ten Common Bad Habits 

The ten common bad habits include sitting for long periods, biting your nails, cracking your knuckles, being lonely all day, eating junk food, eating too fast and too much, being untruthful, taking too much of hot coffee, drinking alcohol, and smoking. 

Good Habits 

Good habits are the direct opposite of bad ones. They are polite attitudes that attract good people and potential benefactors. 

Good habits boost your confidence and security as you don’t have any reason to be ashamed of acting politely.

Examples Of Good Habits 

According to Goals On Track, the examples of good habits include the following:

  • Punctuality 
  • Good dieting 
  • Exercising the body
  • Being gratitude
  • Wise spending 
  • Have a good study life
  • Contentment 
  • Determination 
  • Good Hygiene 
  • Not Living a mediocre life 

Five Effects of Bad Habits On Your Future 

There are diverse ways bad habits can affect your future, but let’s discuss the top three. 

1. Bad Habits Discourage People From Helping You 

Most successful people hate ill-behaved individuals. They hate having any relationship with them. 

Your bad habits will only attract people with the same attitude who have nothing to offer in terms of advice, help, and financial assistance. 

In the end, it would be very difficult to reach the top as there’s no one to recommend you to colleagues or help you financially. 

 2. Many Bad Habits Destroys Your Health 

Bad habits, like poor hygiene and bad dieting, are dangerous to the body. These habits gradually endanger your body and overall health. 

For instance, the effects of poor hygiene including heart diseases, body odour, diarrhoea, ringworm, and pinworms, are dangerous to your health. 

Cracking your knuckles could lead to swollen hands and weaker grip; Biting your nails will affect your teeth and the skin around the nail bed in the long run. 

Excessive alcohol consumption often causes kidney disease, liver disease, digestive issues, and bone damage. 

Similarly, eating too much food will result in heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

Being alone all the time will cause depression, Alzheimer and brain inflammation if you don’t change. 

Smoking destroys almost all the organs in the body when it gets to some point. It means long-term smokers can’t perform effectively.

It would reach a point where your body system would collapse because it can’t withstand the adverse effects of your habits. 

At that point, you will only focus on how to get your body back to shape, thereby ignoring your hopes to become the best in life. 

3. Bad Habits Guarantees An Empty Future 

Another effect of bad habits on human life is that they tend to deliver an empty future. 

Bad habits add nothing to your existence on earth except you explore illegal ways to acquire wealth or valuable possessions.

Exhibiting bad habits simply means wasting your time on fruitless actions that promise nothing but a stagnant future. 

How will bad habits lead to a stagnant future? Well, that’s because you won’t have any influential people willing to go the extra mile to help you. 

The end product of your actions could lead to health challenges capable of ending your life abruptly. 

How To Stop Bad Habits 

What bad habits do you want to break— is it smoking, eating too much and quickly, cracking your knuckles, surfing the internet before bed, or ingratitude? 

Below is a step-by-step guide to breaking unwanted attitudes, and creating new laudable ones:

1. Know Why You Want To Change 

You can’t change your bad habits if there’s no reason to create a better one. Hence, the first step to stopping bad habits involves knowing the reasons for new and better attitudes. 

The reasons will motivate you in your quest to develop good habits. 

2. Discover And Avoid What Triggers The Bad Habits

You can’t dump a habit if you don’t know what triggers it in the first place. 

Hence, I advise you to discover where and when the habit always takes place, your reaction after the habit, and what always happens before the bad habits. 

Meanwhile, knowing the triggering factors or conditions isn’t enough, ensure you stay away from them. 

3. Seek Help From Trusted Friend or Family Member 

As much as it’s possible to break a bad habit without anyone’s help or attention, you might need to ask for help to stop yours. 

Get a trusted friend or sibling, and tell him your desire to change a certain habit. So, his or her mission is to keep close tabs on you while you try everything possible to overcome the habits. 

The friend is expected to reward or rebuke you when and where necessary. This will motivate and encourage throughout the journey. 

4. Train Your Mind

Thought precedes actions. You can’t take a step or act without processing in your heart, except if it’s an emergency. 

Train your mind to reject the thought of carrying bad habits. This will help you build a good relationship. 

5. Explore The Reminder Strategy

Another way to stop bad habits involves exploring the reminders strategy. 

The reminder strategy is a method or approach aimed at ensuring you are aware of the current task to change a habit. 

Paste a sticker containing the habits you want to change at a place you can easily see. 

You will remember the mission anytime you see the sticker, thereby trying everything possible to achieve the task. 

6. Focus on one habit at a time 

I understand your urge to change all the bad habits simultaneously, but things don’t work that way. You need to tackle the habits consecutively. 

Channel your energy and concentration to one habit at a time. Ensure you have stopped the habit completely before moving to another one. 

Examine yourself for two or three months and see if you have achieved the goal. 

The result of your self-examination will determine whether to turn your attention to other habits or not. 

Meanwhile, you must be goal-oriented to achieve your aim without wasting much time. 

7. Reward Yourself 

Celebrate every little progress you made in your quest to develop a new and better attitude. 

Get a good reward for yourself when you stay for one week without portraying such an attitude. 

The gifts and treats will undoubtedly encourage you while you strive to be a better and well-behaved person. 

Self-motivation is one of the ways to be productive in everything we do. 

8. Change Your Environment or Friend

Don’t hesitate to change your environment, company or friends if they are the source of your problem. 

I understand that relocating or changing friends is not easy. Hence, I advise you don’t rush this method. Take it slow and steady. 

9. Pray To God For Help

I am a Christian and I believe in God’s power to transform one’s habits from bad to good. 

Therefore, another way to stop bad habits involves praying to God for help. 

Pray to God while you explore other options discussed above. Trust me, you will see results in no time. 

Don’t ignore God in your desire for better habits.


Bad habits can destroy your future, hence, developing better and acceptable habits is non-negotiable. 

Do everything to protect your life and future even if it means changing your friends and environment. 

Are there other methods you expect to see but weren’t listed here? Feel free to add them in the comments section.

Ibukun Italoye

Ibukun Italoye is a writer with over two years of experience writing in various niches, including football, lifestyle, screenwriting, and stories. He is a Christian, a brother and a friend who loves helping others reach their full potential.

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