Five Effective Ways To Deal With Unexpected Relationship Breakup

Five Effective Ways To Deal With Unexpected Relationship Breakup

Ways To deal with unexpected relationship breakup
Dealing with Unexpected Breakup

According to the survey from Dating, 67% of the site’s users suffered unexpected relationship breakup in 2020. Hence, it’s no surprise young girls are looking for ways to deal with relationship breakup as a way of preparing for the worst that can happen to their relationship status.

Thankfully, this post will show you ways to deal with unexpected relationship breakup. However, you must first understand the signs and behaviours that suggest your lover is likely to dump you.

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Left You Stranded

Here are some signs that suggest your partner has left you stranded. But before that, you should know that “stranded” in this context means he is either cheating on you or he shares a romantic affair with another woman.

1. He Starts Paying More Attention To What You Do and Say 

Your boyfriend may be engaged with another woman if he suddenly becomes more romantically interested in you and he more attentive to you.

You’ll notice he now spends more time with you, help you perform some housework,gives you gifts, etc. 

His sudden caring attitude may be a result of his guilty conscience judging him for his wrong actions. Hence, he is making everything possible to make up for his immoral behaviours. 

However, some men are naturally caring for their girlfriend or spouses. Hence, your boyfriend’s caring caring attitude could be his natural behavior. So, it is important you check other signs for more and better convictions. 

2. He’s Concealing Information From You 

When a man and his bride decide to start a lifelong relationship, he should be devoted to telling her everything.

Your partner is thinking of ending the relationship once he starts keeping things important information from you.

He hides his phone number, family information you should know and some his movements from you. 

However, he may decide not to share any of his personal information at the beginning of the romance for one reason or another. 

In such a situation, your boyfriend doesn’t have a second wife; instead, he is taking his time to trust.

3. He Doesn’t Love Having You Around Him

An unfaithful boyfriend won’t be comfortable being with you because his mistress might see him. 

He won’t invite you to his office or workplace, go out with you to social events, and he will rarely invite you out to dinner. 

These things can only occur if he is unfaithful or he’s no longer interested in the relationship.

4. He Becomes Too Defensive

When your lover has an extramarital affair with another woman, he will become overly defensive. 

He believes you are investigating his errant lifestyle whenever you ask him delicate questions. 

5. He Will Question Your Behaviors

Cheaters frequently accuse their partners of infidelity to defend their behaviour. Hence, your lover will accuse you of being unfaithful without hesitation.

Note that other factors could be responsible for some of the signs above. You must trust your instincts and keep a close tab on your spouse’s movements to find out what he is up to. Relationships are not the place for assumptions.

What Should You Do If Your Boyfriend Breaks Up With You?

We know how hurtful it is when your guy dumps you without a sincere explanation. 

You might be tempted to beg him to change his mind but isn’t going to happen as he has made up his mind. 

Don’t beg him to accept you regardless of your worry and emotion. Instead, make an effort to go on with your life and you will overcome it eventually. 

Your guy typically has someone else in mind if he dumps you without a genuine reason. Begging him or waiting for his return will be useless. 

Moving on with life is the wisest action if your partner dumps you for no obvious reason. 

How Do You Know Your Boyfriend Has Moved On?

If your partner has moved on from the shocking breakup if he encourages you to date other men or doesn’t return your calls. 

He isn’t interested in the relationship if he returns your items and takes his stuff from you.

He is ready to open a new chapter of his life if he doesn’t love seeing you or staying with you anymore. 

He has finished with you if he explicitly tells you “it’s over” or he deleted photos containing you two, or if he already has a new girlfriend. 

How Do You Know If He Has Another Woman?

The following are some traits your boyfriend will acquire as soon as he starts dating someone else:

  • He will spend a lot of time talking on the phone, texting, and conversing with a woman with a hidden identity or profile 
  • He stops showing you affection for no apparent reason, and he makes up lame excuses to postpone your dates. 
  • He exhibits strange and unsettling behavior whenever you’re together. 
  • He comes home late and is no longer attentive to your opinions. 

Ways To Deal With Unexpected Relationship Breakup

There is no point in trying to downplay how painful a breakup is. Therefore, you must learn the ways to deal with unexpected relationship breakup so it won’t have a long-term impact on your health and overall well-being. But how? 

  • Set Limits 

Setting limits is one of the effective ways to handle a sudden breakup. Make every effort not to see your ex until you’ve finally recovered from the shock and trauma. 

  • Keep Yourself Busy 

Keeping your mind busy and occupied with productive events and thoughts is another strategy to cope with a breakup. Learn how to be productive and get the best out of your time and life.

  • Engage in Lively Activities and Events 

Engaging in exciting activities such as exercising, singing, painting, dancing, will undoubtedly quicken your healing period. 

  • Stay Off Social Media For Now 

Your recovery period will be shortened if you stay off social media. Don’t like his Facebook posts or pages. Don’t follow him on Instagram.

If seeing content containing your ex would make you feel down, delete any postings that mention him.

  • Share Your Pains With A Trusted Friend or Relative 

Sharing your situation with a trusted friend or relative can help you move past an unexpected breakup. 

Reasons Why Guys Break Up All Of A Sudden?

A guy break up all of a sudden due to the following reasons:

  • He doesn’t love the woman initially. 
  • He isn’t ready to commit to a woman. 
  • He is in love with someone else. 
  • He doesn’t see a future with the woman. 
  • He has a lot on his mind that needs a lot of his focus. 

How Long Does It Take For Guys To Regret Breaking Up?

There is no generic answer because it depends on an individual’s personality, emotions, and mental strength. 

Some guys won’t regret breaking up with a girl after 4 weeks, while others don’t recover from their feelings for 8 weeks.

What Are The Stages Of A Breakup?

A breakup goes through five stages, including denial, rage, bargaining, despair, and acceptance.

  • Denial

Your emotions rather than your intellect does the most of the reasoning throughout this breakup phase. 

During this phase, you attempt to change your lifestyle to accommodate your breakup. This stage is difficult and emotional.

  • Anger

The next stage of a breakup is anger because you are furious with your lover for quitting without a good reason.

You are now furiously questioning his choice to dump you. You’re constantly asking yourself, “How could he do this to me? Why doesn’t everything ever go my way? Why am I destined this way? etc

  • Negotiation

After asking a lot of questions and not receiving satisfactory answers, you would be compelled to start thinking about your chances of reuniting with him.

This phase is referred to as the negotiating period because you are thinking of begging your ex to change his mind. 

You’re prepared to bargain, plead, and text him all day to make the relationship works once more.

  • Depression

 This phase is the same with every other phase because you’ll be emotionally drained.

This stage is characterized by loss of appetite, disinterest in social activities, hatred toward everyone, and hopelessness. 

  • Acceptance

In the end, you will come to terms with the truth that you aren’t meant to be together after everything that has transpired. 

You will dust yourself off and resume living a normal life at this point.

You’ll be more approachable to everyone in the hopes of meeting someone who will adore and appreciate you always.

This phase is when you are prepared to put the past behind you and concentrate on the future. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come too soon for some people who are very emotional.

What Should You Not Do After A Breakup?

You shouldn’t tell someone you don’t trust about your breakup.

You shouldn’t behave erratically. 

Don’t shut the door against love.

Don’t neglect your physical well-being because health is wealth. 

Don’t speak to your ex or his family and stop becoming friends with them until you completely get over the pain and trauma. 

Don’t publish the split on social media. 

Don’t inquire about his lifestyle immediately after the breakup. 


Breakup isn’t the end of life; you should continue living. Don’t feel guilty if he breaks up with you without any wrongdoing on your part because you have nothing to do with his choices.

Have you ever been in a relationship that ended? If so, kindly explain your experience and the steps you took to overcome it. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further thoughts on the ways to deal with unexpected relationship breakup.

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