10 Best Camping Spots In California For Your Next Vacation

10 Best Camping Spots In California For Your Next Vacation

Best camping spots in California

Are you a tourist looking for the best camping spots in California? Do you intend to visit the highly-rated American state in your next vacation but don’t know which campground will be conducive for you and your family?

Well, you are not alone in this as there are many foreign tourists searching “where to camp in California” and “camping sites near me in California” on search engines and their social media platforms. Luckily, the answer to your quest is right there in the next paragraph.

Yeah! Your search for a conducive and convenient camping area in California ends here because the best camping spots in California are Tahoe National Forest, Santa Barbara County, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Cold Springs Campground, Big Sur, Crystal Cove State Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Mendocino Grove, and Yosemite National Park. 

Now that you know the best camping spots in California, are you sure you don’t want details on each of the camp? Are you sure you don’t want to know how much it cost to get one if the spots?

Are you sure you don’t want to know the events available in each of the camps, what about the security measures in place in each of the spots? I’m sure you don’t want to miss all these and other crucial details we have for you.

So, we advise you read every bit of this content to discover more about the aforementioned camping sites in Ca. However, before that let’s briefly discuss what a campsite is all about. We will equally share a few facts you should know about California.

What Is Campsite

A Campsite or camping spot is a spot in an outdoor area where tourists can stay or pitch their tent overnight.

A good camping spot must contain healthy and constant water supply, toilets, cooking grills, and other materials that will make life more convenient and easy for all tourists and travelers.

Things To Know About California

Located at the Pacific Region of the United State, California is one of the most famous and populated American states with 482 towns and cities.

According to Smart Assets, Californian cities are known for low or limited public transit options. It means you might need a car or other personal means of transportation to enjoy your stay in the land.

Los Angeles is California’s largest and most populous city, and is listed among the best places to visit or stay in the world. Meanwhile, there is a topnotch education system in California

California provides all foreign and local tourists the best platforms and chances to learn new culture, eat new foods, make new friends and catch fun as there are different cultures and practices in the state.

You would agree that there are numerous camping spots in California considering the number of cities and towns in the state. Hence, settling for one can be a daunting and challenging.

However, like we did with Clearwater Florida, we have carefully selected the top 10 camping spots you should consider when looking for a place to stay in your next trip to the wonderful state.

1. Yosemite National Park

Established in 1890, Yosemite National Park is famous recreational valley which serves as home to loads of interesting activities and top tourist centers. 

Thanks to the Yosemite National Park, you have the chance to witness the formation of El Capitan Canyon.

Yosemite National Park is the oldest park in the United State, featuring diverse ancient sculptures, trees and places you must have read in olden books.

Talking of features and attributes, Yosemite National Park contains El Capitan— the world’s tallest granite monolith; Waterfalls, and ancient tall-and-attractive Sequoia trees that have been existing for many centuries ago.

Hence, it is no surprise that Yosemite National park is the most visited park in the world with over 4 million visitors per year.

Yosemite Park also offers you the chance to witness which is one of the reasons you can’t afford to ignore this interesting Valley during your visit to California.

2. Mendocino Grove

Mendocino Grove is another camping spot you shouldn’t overlook in your quest for a conducive and safe place to stay in California. Known for its awesome weather condition, Mendocino Grove features lots of recreational activities like….

You and your kids will surely have a fun-filled time being at this spot as it will provide you the opportunity to visit many fanciful places  

3. Sequoia National Forest

Sequoia National forest is arguably the most beautiful forest in the United States as it possesses wonderful and good-looking trees which provide sufficient shades for relaxation.

Your stay at the Sequoia National Forest shouldn’t be a boring one as there are many events and exciting activities taking place within the region, including hiking.  Put on your hiking boots and explore the over 28 hiking trails readily available to visitors.

We advise you go see some hikers’ mind-blowing trails if you love hiking. This is also recommended to travelers who love discovering new things about nature. Apart from the hiking trails, the Sequoia National Forest also features … which will undoubtedly make your stay in the American city an unforgettable one.

4. Joshua Tree National Park

Located in the southern part of the stat, the Joshua Tree National Park is another camping spot you should consider when looking for a place to pitch your tent in California.

Known as one the most beautiful deserts in California, the park is a point where two beautiful deserts meet.

The Joshua Tree National Park is home to different lively and beautiful trees which thrive excellently as a result of the city’s scanty torrents rainfall.

Another feature that makes the Joshua Tree National Park a must-visit park in California includes the presence of different friendly animals.

These creatures are more than willing and ready to play with you and make you feel at home. Ensure your kids take pictures with them so they can show it with their peers or friends at school.  

Talking of events at the Joshua Tree National Park, you can be sure your children will have fun as they are numerous packages or events readily available to them.

Places to visit in the Joshua Tree National Park include the Hidden Valley Nature, Barker Dam Nature Trail, Cholla Cactus Garden, Skull Rock, and the Arch Rock Trail.

You and your spouse should engage in a romantic walk within the park while your kids enjoy the best of e moment with other visiting kids.

5. Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is the best option for all tourists who love the American history and desire to see all the ancient buildings described in folklores.

That’s because historic buildings and districts historic buildings and districts are scattered across the park, thereby making it one of the best places to be.

Meanwhile, Crystal Cove State Park is arguably one of the largest parks in California as it covers over 2,400 acres of land.


6. Big Sur

Big Sur is another camping spot in California that provides you the great privilege to witness numerous breathtaking events or features like the Santa Lucia Mountain.

Unfortunately, there are not too many routes to get there. The Pasific Coast highway (PCH) is the only one accessible road (for car owners) that leads to the Big Sur.

This means getting into this wonderful camp ground might be a bit stressful as there will huge traffic congestion due to the high number of visitors exploring the only accessible road.

Meanwhile, you might consider hiking into the 70-mile+ coastline by crossing the huge Santa Lucia Mountain. Trust me, that’s another interesting way to get there!

The stress you will possibly experience while finding your way to the Big Sur won’t be in vain as there are lots of events and impressive features to compensate for the stress.

Sykes Hot Springs is a hiking exercise that gives you the chance to hike for 4-5 hours around the Ventana wilderness.

The Last Chance Water Falls which is arguably the best water falls in town is a good background for you photos. It also provides as a spot for relaxation after engaging in multiple events. 

7. Cold Springs Campground

Occupying the seventh position is no other than the Cold Springs Campground as it remains one of the camping spots that deserve an honorable visitor like you and  your family.

Located along the Mineral King road, you can easily spot this love camp ground around the main entrance that leads to Sequoia National Park, Tulare County, California.

Thanks to the campground’s officials, you are guaranteed a safe and secured environment throughout your stay in the state.

The officials also ensure there are necessary facilities telephone, Vault toilets, effective and healthy water supply, etc so you won’t worry about anything.

Talking of where to eat in California, there is a nearby restaurant (4km away from the campground) where you eat delicious local and foreign cuisines and world-class drinks.

8. Red Rock Canyon State Park

Located in Kern County, Red Canyon State Park is one of oldest parks in California.

This is arguable he best options for tourists desiring a place to organize and eventful family picnic and hangout in well-constructed shelters.

Red Rock Canyon State Park also provides you with the luxury of swimming in a large and well treated pool to refresh your mind and brain.

That isn’t all you can do in at the red rock canyon state park you can equally to you fishing skills to test as there is a small fish pond for your exploitation.

However, you must obtain a fishing license from the California officials to have access to the pond.

Meanwhile, you can also walk or hike around the park to discover more fascinating features.

9. Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara County is one of the camps in California south. It is also one of the largest campgrounds in the state.

Unlike some camping sites mentioned above, Santa Barbara contains many beaches including Jalama Beach, Refugio State Beach, and Ventura County beaches.

The Santa Barbara County is also known for its sweet palm wine drinks. Ensure you have one or two cups of the sweet palm wine whenever you are in need of a refreshing drink.

Pitch your tent close to one of the nearby beaches so you can enjoy the cool and calm breeze emerging from the beaches.

10. Tahoe National Forest

Tahoe National Forest is one of the best camping spots in the whole of America thanks to its lovely services and conducive atmosphere.

It will interest you to know that the Tahoe National Forest delivers round-the-clock services to all visitors as it is always open to all.

Though Tahoe Forest operates at all time, we advise you don’t visit the camp spot in the winter due to the unhealthy snows.

The snow will make the weather unclear, while it may prevents car owners from having a smooth ride to the Tahoe forest during this period.

The summer is the best time to visit the Tahoe Forest because the weather is suitable for every activity available to visitors, including hiking.


Ensure you visit any of the listed camping spots if you desire to derive maximum pleasure and enjoyment from your trip to California.

Meanwhile, we advise you check our list of the most interesting things to do in Clearwater if Florida is your next destination.

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