Three Reasons Why The Galatians Were Foolish

Three Reasons Why The Galatians Were Foolish

The “foolish Galatians”

Have you ever asked Why were the Galatians foolish? Or What made apostle Paul came up with the “foolish” remarks or qualification while addressing the Galatians Church?

Many Christians have asked diverse questions regarding the phrase without getting accurate answers.

Luckily, by the grace of God, our religion article writer shall be discussing the “foolishness of the Galatians Church and why Paul made such a statement in the first place. We will equally see if they are indeed foolish or not.

PS: This post is inspired by God to help us compare our lifestyles to the Galatians and see if we are not as fool as the Galatians church. May God grant us understanding in Jesus’ Name.
That being said, below are three main reasons why the Galatians church is tagged foolish by the Apostle.

Three Reasons Why The Galatians Were Foolish In the Bible

1. They were bewitched not to obey the truth ( Galatians 3 : 1 B )

The Galatians church fell for the tricks and sweetness of the soothsayers. They were cajoled to believe another gospel contradictory to the one that Paul preached to them when they came for their mission trip.

Paul ensures that the meaning of Jesus Christ’s death was made as clear to them as if they had seen a picture of his death on the cross.

He was surprised that the Galatians Church can be deceived into accepting contradicting teaching about Christ. They substituted fake for the truth.

2. They began in the spirit but are now after the law ( Galatians 3 vs 3)

When Paul was with them, they accepted the gospel and were filled with the Holy Spirit. After his departure, they begin to pursue righteousness through the law.

The Galatians church begins to approach perfection through human effort. This made them live by the law of Moses which brought more sins (Romans 4 : 15).

3. They were quick to forget the tribulations they encountered for following Christ (verse 4)

I want to believe that the Galatians church faced a lot as a result of their decision to accept Paul and his doctrine.

During the early church, accepting Christ is almost like accepting your death sentence. A lot of criticism, persecution, embarrassment, hunger, and insult often accompany their decision.

Due to people who came with false teaching, they start to turn from what they initially confessed and stood for.


Hope you haven’t denied the faith you once stood for? Are you still the same Christian that we used to know 5 years ago, or you are now a modern Christian that now does things you once preached against?

Dear readers, go through those attitudes of the Galatians church again, hope you are not exhibiting this same attitude of the Church?

Hope you have not shifted your ground from Spirit to flesh? Hope your righteousness has not shifted from grace to law? examine yourself and be factual when answering these questions

Let him that thinks that he stands to take heed lest he falls. I pray God will keep us all as we examine our life. Shalom.

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