Five Seamless Ways To be Productive In Life

Five Seamless Ways To be Productive In Life

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At 25, I was very keen and determined to be productive in life; I told myself “I will produce magnificent results and be one of the successful individuals in life.”

So I commenced intense research looking for how to be productive in life. Luckily, I discovered numerous ways to be productive which I will be sharing with you later in this post.

I found out that the five ways to be productive in life include doing the right thing at the right time, being positive about situations, staying healthy and happy, avoiding distraction, and being disciplined and consistent.

However, let’s briefly discuss what productivity is all about before talking more about the five key points highlighted above.  

What is productivity in life?

Productivity, in life, is the ability or state of a person to achieve all of his targets or tasks within a set time without compromising his value or reputation.

In other words, productivity in life is the act of being productive. It is the state of getting things done as first as possible.

What Does It Mean To Be Productive In Life?

To be productive in life means to produce result or record achievement that guarantees good life and an interesting future

Note that ‘achievement’ here doesn’t have to be a record-breaking milestone.  It can be as little as completing your daily to-do list, sealing a deal with your potential client, or finalizing your office work right on time. Just think of any little thing that can influence your life and future positively.

How To Be Productive In Life

Having discussed what it means to be productive, let’s now discuss how you can be productive in life. The things you must do to be productive in life include the following:

1. Doing the right thing at the right time with the right strategy

It is one thing to be busy, but it’s another thing to be productive. You can be busy but not productive

You can be busy doing so many things at a time without producing the desired result or growth.  The difference between being busy and being productive is having something laudable to show for all the time spent.

Unfortunately, you won’t produce any desirable result if you don’t know how to do the right thing at the right time. Timing all you do will go a long way in enhancing your productivity in life.

Don’t engage in unproductive social media conversations in the morning when there is an official duty to settle.

2. Being Positive About All Situations

You have to be positive about all things if you must be productive in your approach to life. Like I mentioned in my previous post, you can’t achieve anything in life without a superior belief system or positive mindset.

A positive mindset makes you believe everything is possible, thereby giving you the extra motive to give-in your best until you achieve the best and desired result.

Someone with a defeated mindset won’t see any reason to go all-out towards achieving all targets. He will be reluctant and unmotivated especially when things aren’t looking too good.

 Luckily, developing a positive mindset isn’t an uphill task. Learn to start each day with positive affirmations, be thankful for everything, and deal with all kinds of mental insecurity or source of negativity.

Endeavor to do all the highlighted actions consistently and you will be surprised with huge transformation in the way you think and see situations.

3. Staying healthy

You must have heard the famous saying that “health is wealth” right? well, that’s true.  You can’t be wealthy without being in good physical condition because all your hard-earned money might be spent on medications or drugs.

Likewise, you can’t be productive without quality mental and physical health. Ensure you eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and go for a regular medical check to ascertain your health status.

According to WHO, Five other things to do to be healthy include Reducing your sugar and salt intake, Reducing fatty food consumption, Avoiding excess and harmful alcohol, Stopping smoking, and knowing your blood pressure.

4. Being Happy

Happiness enhances productivity in great measures as it makes you lively and ready to face every situation with the best mental capacity.

A Happy state of mind reduces your worries, thereby giving you the extra support and courage to be fully engaged in all you need to do.

Happiness makes you reach you full potentials in no time as it encourages maximum productivity.

5. Having A Well-structured To-do List

Having a to-do list will definitely boost your productivity level as it will help you do the right thing at the right and stipulated time.

A to-do list won’t only ensure you do the right thing at the accurate time,  it will equally ensure you are on track to achieving all your set tasks for the day, weeks  or month .

However, it’s one thing to have a to-do list, it’s another thing to use it for maximum productivity. Ensure you

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  1. These are some really great suggestions to help be more productive! I love to feel productive and feel like I am progressing and moving forward. Thank you for sharing.


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